December 08-08, 2016
Atlanta, USA (United States of America)
Are you ready to challenge the status quo and level up your B2B marketing and sales game? The #FlipMyFunnel B2B Marketing and Sales Conference is making its way back to Atlanta, the birthplace of #FlipMyFunnel for two days of funnel flipping! This time will be bigger and better with a full day of world-class thought-leaders and practitioners who are pumped to share their account-based marketing and sales wisdom with the Atlanta community. Join us for a full experience full of learning and celebration that will empower you to accelerate pipeline and grow revenue.


Our team speak with CMOs and B2B Marketers every day about their challenges and this is what you told us you want to master: *How can I provide clear ROI measurements and accountability of revenue generating activities? How do I create a B2B Marketing Content Strategy that clearly show the link to b