Localized Content Round Up

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About the articles in the round up:

1. When Do Businesses Need to Localize Their Content?

In this age of personalization, consumers want content that speaks to their unique needs. Discover how international brands are realizing localization is the best way to give it to them.

2. 5 Brands Who Killed It with Localized Content Strategies

When it comes to boosting sales, one of the go-to tactics businesses lean on is expanding into new markets. Learn how these five international brands found success across the globe.

3. Getting the Most Out of Localized Elements in Media Visuals

Marketers who tailor visuals to reflect the people and places their audiences know see better engagement and success with content. Find out how you can add more local and personal elements to your media and build your relationship with customers.

4. Why Localized Visual Content Generates Value in Paid Advertising

Paid advertising yields greater value for marketers when it’s propped up with localized visual content. Here’s why catering the style and message of your marketing campaign for a localized audience can impact your success.

5. Infographic: Content Localization Stats Brand Marketers Should Know

Global brands turn to localized content to provide a more relevant experience for their customers. Uncover the secrets behind localization with this handy infographic.