Assess and accelerate your content velocity


These days, consumers and business buyers prefer to choose their own adventure. Instead of waiting to be led by a salesperson, 87% of buyers want to self-serve part or all of their buying journey, according to TrustRadius. Personalized, content-powered experiences are doing the work of sales reps—and they’re doing it well. According to research by Twilio Segment, 60% of consumers say they will likely become repeat buyers after a personalized digital shopping experience with a retailer.

Getting the customer experience right matters. Companies that excel at personalization increase related revenues by 40% over more mediocre efforts, research by McKinsey & Company shows. But delivering great personalized experiences requires producing high volumes of digital assets at speed and at scale. Content velocity measures how much content a brand puts out in a defined time period. It’s a metric that can help you assess the efficiency of your content efforts and identify opportunities to improve the entire process, from the first draft to final deployment.

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