Create a holistic employee experience


In the last two years, companies around the world were forced to pivot from having a predominantly on-site workforce to accommodating remote or hybrid employee experiences. Research shows that people expect more from their workplaces, and accommodating those needs requires business leaders to find solutions that deliver an improved, inclusive, and holistic experience for employees.

Read Create a Holistic Employee Experience: Four Ways Companies Have Used Microsoft Viva to Address the Changing Needs of Employees to learn how this employee experience platform helped customers meet these challenges head-on by:

  • Getting a comprehensive picture of employees’ motivations and goals.
  • Seeing and interacting with the data to improve knowledge sharing and develop people-centered management.
  • Finding solutions that deliver an improved holistic, and sustainable experience for employees across on-site, remote, and hybrid workplace models.
  • Fostering inclusivity, work-life balance, and wellbeing at every stage of an employee’s journey.

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