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Brand Wings Launches Email Campaign Builder

Email Campaign Builder
On January 4, Brand Wings, a SaaS-based marketing automation platform provider, announced Email Campaign Builder, a new feature that shall be included in the Brand Wings sales enablement platform.

“While there are many email marketing software platforms in the market, one feature that most lack is brand control. Those other programs allow users to upload nearly any logo, image, or digital asset into the email template, regardless of whether those assets are brand compliant. Brand Wings, with its Email Campaign Builder feature, solves those problems for brands. Effectively, there was a trade-off between user flexibility and brand control. Brand Wings changes that by allowing only brand compliant assets to be used in email campaigns while also allowing content customization,” said Jason Kammes, Chief Revenue Officer of Brand Wings.

"Brand Wings changes that by allowing only brand compliant assets to be used in email campaigns while also allowing content customization,” said Jason Kammes, Chief Revenue Officer of Brand Wings.

Using the Brand Wings portal, the portal administrator can design and edit an email campaign by building a template that automatically loads the correct brand logo and other digital assets. Customizing the email content and maintaining multiple versions of the campaign becomes easy with the email campaign builder feature.

Apart from this, the builder also allows both the brand manager and the sales teams to view real-time analytics to gauge how the campaign is performing. The Brand Wings activity stream shows details like clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, and downloads.

The Brand Wings sales enablement platform offers sales teams other benefits like:
  • Centrally located brand asset management for all brand marketing content such as presentations, case studies, images, videos, and documents. Sales teams can easily find these assets, download or distribute them as and when needed.
  • One-to-one asset personalization can help brands to define templates for customization or co-branding based on their business rules. Sales teams can easily create personalized content for the customers and prospective leads.
  • Brand Wings Analytics offers real-time business intelligence on sales and marketing efficiency. The dashboard is easy to understand and provides dynamic targets and KPIs.
The Email Campaign Builder feature is available to all current and prospective Brand Wings portal customers.



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95% of Tech Marketers Expect an Increase in their ABM Budgets Over the Next Year

GlobeNewswire | September 29, 2023

Foundry (an IDG, Inc. company) released its third annual 2023 ABM and Intent Benchmarking Study today, which dives into the uses, goals, and challenges of account-based marketing, as well as how intent data is used to fuel ABM programs and the success and challenges tech marketers see with intent. Account-based marketing has taken the B2B marketing world by storm, and the enthusiasm shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, this year’s research found that 96% of tech marketers have a documented ABM strategy and 93% feel that their ABM efforts have been extremely or very successful, which is up from 84% when the study was conducted last year. Here is a closer look at some of the findings from this year’s study: Tactics and tools supporting ABM The landscape for account-based marketing expansion looks promising, as an overwhelming 95% of marketers anticipate that their ABM budgets will increase in the next 12 months. This is a notable uptick from previous years – 90% expected an increase in 2022 and 84% in 2021. Respondents to the survey are using a variety of ABM tactics to support their marketing objectives. These tactics include sales activation/account analytics (cited by 53% of respondents), target-account lead generation (50%), account-based advertising (48%), and content syndication, IP address intelligence, and personalization, all of which are equally cited at 47%. Marketers are also leveraging a mix of tools and channels to support their ABM efforts. Customer marketing (43%) and paid social (40%) are the most widely used resources, followed by content syndication (32%), organic social (28%), and SEO (26%). When it comes to measuring the success of ABM initiatives, marketers use a diverse range of metrics. The top three include customer satisfaction scores (cited by 48%), site visits from target accounts (43%), and revenue generated (40%). Intent data is fueling ABM efforts Another key component of Foundry’s study is the use of intent data with ABM marketers. The research shows that 91% are using intent data/scoring to prioritize their accounts and to identify what content should be served within ABM campaigns. Intent data also plays a key role in identifying target account lists, a practice used by yet another 91% of marketers. Marketers have also extended their use of intent data and are increasing the number of sources they are using, cited by 92%. When it comes to the primary goals of using intent data, marketers are focused on optimizing lead scoring models (cited by 47% of respondents), followed by building audience segments for ad campaigns (43%), identifying new accounts (43%), generating higher quality leads (42%), and monitoring potential customer churn (42%). The goal of any ABM campaign is to generate qualified leads and the survey results indicate a strong correlation between the number of data sources used and lead gen success. About 48% of all marketers said between 11% and 50% of the leads generated from their marketing campaigns become sales-accepted leads and 47% said 51% and 80% are sales-accepted. The challenges ABM marketers face Success isn’t always the case when it comes to marketers and their ABM programs. Only 1% said they don’t experience any challenges with ABM, and the top reported challenges are measuring the success of their programs (35%), attributing the success of the different ABM tactics and channels (34%), and their tech stack being overly complicated (29%). The same sentiment goes for intent. Marketers need help with intent data, specifically with getting their sales teams to trust the intent data quality (49%), measuring the impact of intent data on pipeline (48%), and combining intent from multiple data sources (47%). Ninety-two percent of marketers also cited that it’s important that they know the exact sources of intent data when working with a provider. Just over half of respondents listed criteria for when they chose a data provider, such as: vendor reviews/analyst evaluations (rated as very or somewhat important by 97%), sample data that can be independently validated (97%), and peer recommendations (95%). This research indicates that even as ABM and intent have come mainstream in B2B, marketers are now, more than ever, focused towards measuring the impact of both ABM campaigns and intent data, said Tukan Das, Vice President and Product Manager, Foundry. For more information and to see the full results from the ABM & Intent Benchmarking study, please view the white paper. About the 2023 ABM & Intent Benchmarking Study The 2023 Foundry Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Intent Benchmarking Study was conducted via online questionnaire in August of 2023. 500 total respondents with marketing titles were collected from NA (60%), EMEA (20%) and APAC (20%) regions. 40% of respondents are from the manufacturing (computer-related) industry, 27% are from high tech, and 12% from software/computer services. Others include e-commerce, independent software vendors, telecom carriers, and cloud & DC service providers. Foundry conducted the study to understand the workings of ABM and its evolution and adoption compared to traditional marketing approaches. About Foundry, an IDG Inc. Company Foundry helps companies bring their visions to reality through a combination of media, marketing technologies, and proprietary data on a global scale. Our intent data and martech platforms are powered by data from an owned and operated ecosystem of global editorial brands, awards, and events, all engineered and integrated to drive marketing campaigns for technology companies. Foundry is dedicated to generating and innovating with data, driving demand for technology marketers with 38 offices in global markets. Foundry is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Data Group, Inc. (IDG), the world’s leading tech media, data, research, and marketing services company. To learn more about Foundry, visit

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Teradata, ActionIQ Partner on New Offerings for VantageCloud Customers

Teradata | October 09, 2023

Teradata and ActionIQ announced a new joint offering for marketing and customer experience activations for VantageCloud customers. With this, the two businesses intend to democratize enterprise customer data access and give technical teams more authority. This partnership aims to safeguard future acquisition marketing strategies, increase customer loyalty, and enhance business team retention. Teradata and ActionIQ has announced a new collaborative solution tailored for marketing and customer experience activations among Teradata VantageCloud customer. This integration, seamlessly blending VantageCloud and ActionIQ capabilities, is fully operational and available to customers. This partnership displays Teradata's open ecosystem and strong alliance with ActionIQ, using their combined expertise in marketing and advertising technology to enhance customer experience initiatives. The collaboration between these two companies strives to make customer data accessible across the entire enterprise, granting technical teams greater control. By integrating Teradata VantageCloud's unified data approach and advanced analytics with ActionIQ’s cutting-edge customer experience applications, businesses can achieve a holistic 360-degree view of their customers. This approach enables more meaningful engagements and the delivery of superior customer experiences. Senior Vice President of Worldwide Partners and Alliances at Teradata, Lisa Stewart, said, The partnership between ActionIQ and Teradata is a win for customers interested in enhancing their customer experience (CX) and driving profitable growth. [Source – Business Wire] She stated that, with ActionIQ's expertise in marketing and advertising technology for customer experience, combined with Teradata's complete cloud analytics and data platform, companies can unlock the full potential of their customer data, accelerate time-to-value, enhance agility, and deliver exceptional CX. With Teradata VantageCloud, the complete cloud analytics and data platform alongside ActionIQ, businesses can accelerate innovation, make better decisions, and enhance customer experiences, especially for AI and ML applications. ActionIQ's distinctive composable architecture provides marketers with easy-to-use, self-service data access while driving queries into VantageCloud for optimal performance, security, and enterprise scale. This setup allows business teams to directly access data in a controlled manner, facilitating self-serve use cases through smooth integrations with various channels. IT and data teams benefit from zero data latency, scalable governance, and hassle-free integrations, freeing up resources for more strategic tasks. This partnership is crafted to future-proof acquisition marketing strategies, boost loyalty, and enhance retention efforts for business teams. Tasso Argyros, CEO and Founder of ActionIQ, mentioned, Teradata's unmatched legacy in data analytics and ActionIQ's marketer-friendly customer data platform (CDP) position us to redefine customer experiences. [Source – Business Wire] He further added that their shared vision is to empower businesses, facilitating faster innovation, better decisions, and genuine customer connections.

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ZoomInfo Enters into Strategic Partnership with The Trade Desk

ZoomInfo | September 08, 2023

ZoomInfo has announced entering a strategic partnership with global-leader advertising technology, The Trade Desk. MarketingOS, ZoomInfo’s account-based marketing (ABM) platform, offers the industry’s first in-house B2B demand-side platform that focuses on meeting the needs of companies doing true B2B ABM. The integration with supply-side platforms assists MarketingOS to enable customers to buy advertisements through real-time actions for placement in leading business publications. ZoomInfo, an industry-leading go-to-market platform to find, acquire, and increase customer base, has announced a strategic integration with The Trade Desk, a worldwide leading provider of advertising technology. The partnership will enable ZoomInfo to access The Trade Desk’s industry-leading platform. Using this, ZoomInfo expands its omnichannel advertising network in order to gain access to more elite publishers and provides display, video, and audio advertisements internationally for the first time. Bryan Law, Chief Marketing Officer of ZoomInfo, said, Our industry-leading audience creation capabilities are built on the strongest data foundation in the market, and with The Trade Desk expanding our reach, we can now provide the best of both worlds. This partnership opens the door for our customers to scale their audiences and unlock new avenues for customer acquisition. [Source – Business Wire] MarketingOS, ZoomInfo's ABM platform, serves as the perfect central hub for executing B2B advertising campaigns. It provides dynamic intent market signals and exclusive categories of intent data that businesses cannot find elsewhere. The platform features the industry's first in-house B2B demand-side platform (DSP), tailor-made for meeting the needs of companies engaged in genuine B2B account-based marketing. It is carefully optimized to align with crucial account context rather than surface-level insights. The platform offers a streamlined approach by directly integrating with leading exchanges and supply-side platforms (SSPs). This integration empowers customers to participate in real-time auctions for ad placement in leading business publications. On the back end, ZoomInfo seamlessly processes users' tailored audiences and campaign details, initiating campaigns programmatically through The Trade Desk's ad auction process. MarketingOS users can now craft advertising campaigns harnessing The Trade Desk's platform innovation, tapping into its extensive inventory access, which boasts the widest industry reach. This enhanced domestic outreach and the capacity to target fresh international audiences promise improved campaign performance and a better ROI, leading to sustained business growth. Ed Chater, SVP of Global Client Service at The Trade Desk, said, ZoomInfo is leading the way for B2B and ABM via their MarketingOS platform, and we’re excited to see our innovation power their capabilities that harness data and decisioned media buying. This is even more exciting when thinking about the available inventory, including connected televisions, that can be bought programmatically, which can change the way B2B marketers plan and execute their campaigns. [Source – Business Wire] In the realm of B2B marketing, organizations have tremendous opportunities to supercharge their marketing campaigns, which brings them close to the right audience, added Charter.

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