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Choiceform drives the growth of company by upgrading CEM concept to the Total Experience Management platform TX

Choiceform | July 07, 2022 | Read time : 10 min

Total Experience Management platform
Choicefom, China's leading CEM management platform provider introduced a brand-new CEM concept to its Total Experience Management platform TX that helps to improve customer experience and clients' business performance. According to forecasts from IDC, QY Research and Touch PointChina's customer experience management (CEM) market is on track to grow to US$1.8 billion in 2022, accounting for 15 per cent of the global market. China is now stepping into a fast track of enterprise growth with the focus on enhancing the customer experience.

With the new concept, Choiceform helps to create business growth for its clients through its absolute advantages in three steps.

1.Launching its strategic concept of the Total Experience Management 

In China, many industries are about to enter the stage of slow growth and saturation. For companies, the demand for consumer insights and for experience data is growing rapidly, opening the way to significant development potential for CEM. It may soon become something no company can do without. Consequently, it becomes very important to accurately define CEM. The TX Total Experience concept proposed by Choiceform is a customer-oriented strategic management system that includes brand experience (BX), product experience (PX) and service experience (SX), supplemented by employee experience (EX). The perfect combination of the four metrics demonstrates a complete holistic consumer insights which drives enhanced experience management. Not to be overlooked is that employees will also directly affect how a customer feels about the company and the brand. CX and EX will form a positive cycle of complementary and sustainable development. Choiceform TX was born from the concept that CEM must be comprehensive.

2. Improving customer satisfaction with scalable one-to-one interactions across the customer's whole life cycle

The customer journey is an important vehicle to creating the best customer experience. Choiceform emphasizes the use of Moment of Truth to define the experience strategies, and to merge the scattered operational data with quality experience data scientifically. Across the full life cycle, in addition to solving the problem of  data silos and achieving data convergence, it is more important to uncover the painpoints and unmet needs so as to transform and reshape the experience. When optimizing the interactions with customers, Choiceform TX will automatically initiate sustainable and scalable one-to-one interaction campaigns. The automatic advance warning + multi point trigger mechanism creates a one-stop professional and standardized closed-loop management system, to ensure a sustained interaction across the whole life cycle in real time. Based on the development plan for modular applications, Choiceform will expand from a SaaS platform provider to PaaS platform provider starting this year, making it easier for companies to connect with different SaaS applications.

3. TX is not just a tool, but the brain of enterprises developing the date-driven scientific strategic growth decision

Discovery and predictions are the core of insights, while effective decisions based on the conclusions is the ultimate goal. In the future, companies that can minimize the process from data collection to decision making will be better positioned to seize market opportunities. The Choiceform TX platform truly makes data work, discovers and identifies the most valuable information for companies, and empowers them to find the best marketing paths through intelligent and digital technological innovation, transforming every decision into one that is science-based and informed. The value of Choiceform does not only lie in helping companies collect data, but about helping them improve customer satisfaction, retention, and ROI conversion rates. This is the unmistakable difference between CEM and other big data solutions. CEM is no longer a tool to execute processes, but a key factor in driving strategic business decisions.

Data and technologies are the basic elements, but data security in its most comprehensive form is the fundamental protection.

Choiceform's "data security control center" provides security protection for different data levels and covers the whole data life cycle from generation to deletion. Firstly, infrastructures with comprehensive defense capabilities are built to cover the security baseline in the machine room as well as across the network, system and application data, so as to improve the capacity to deal with advanced security threats. Secondly, a resource management infrastructure is built to prevent unauthorized data access and maintain data confidentiality, integrity and availability through data encryption, key management and data shielding, among other techniques. Thirdly, normalized security operation infrastructures are built for compulsory implementation of secure development lifecycles (SDLs), effectively removing security vulnerabilities, as well as for dealing with every kind of security issues in a comprehensive, networked, systematic way through continuous implementation of vulnerability scans, penetration tests, code audits, security scheme design and implementation, security training and establishment of emergency response teams. Choiceform is committed to implementing data security standards in compliance with the strictest regulatory guidance.

Integrating its advanced abilities in providing customer insights with technologies to empower industry development

Choiceform's business has from day one been CEM, with its prowess in technology integration and in providing customer insights setting it apart from the competition. Founded in 2015, Choiceform currently has teams in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Wuhan, serving customers in the automobile, real estate and property, finance, fast moving consumer goods (FCMG), computers, communications, consumer electronics and gaming sectors, among others. Core R&D teams account for 65% of the firm's headcount. Choiceform has also assembled an insight team led by senior industry experts, all with more than 20 years' experience, to drive the global data insights practice.

Choiceform Founder and Chief Executive Officer Wester Xi said, "This year is the seventh year since our inception. Choiceform has it in its roadmap to build a world-class product with Chinese characteristics and to continue driving the development and growth of the Chinese CEM market."

Choiceform Founder and Chief Executive Officer Wester Xi said, "This year is the seventh year since our inception. Choiceform has it in its roadmap to build a world-class product with Chinese characteristics and to continue driving the development and growth of the Chinese CEM market."

About Choiceform
Choiceform is China's leading Total Experience Management platform. It is the new growth engine for customer-centric enterprises. The company is dedicated to integrating multi-source data, discovering and predicting the real needs and preferences of every customer through cloud technologies, while delivering solutions that drive science-based decision-making across organizations.


Get an in-depth look at what consumers want from customer support in a new survey Zoom commissioned from Morning Consult. Learn what technology and support channels your customers prefer, and how your company can better meet their expectations to drive loyalty and growth.


Get an in-depth look at what consumers want from customer support in a new survey Zoom commissioned from Morning Consult. Learn what technology and support channels your customers prefer, and how your company can better meet their expectations to drive loyalty and growth.

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