Demandbase Personalization Enhances the Account-Based Experience (ABX) Factor

Anurag Khadkikar | March 31, 2021

Demandbase Personalization Enhances the Account-Based Experience (ABX) Factor
Demandbase, the pioneer and industry leader in account-based go-to-market, today announced significant improvements to its Personalization product. Demandbase is doubling down on its promise to help companies build the best experiences at the right stage for their target accounts after unveiling Account-Based Experience (ABX) as the future of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) earlier this month. Site Customization and Forms Enrichment are two new and extended features that will be launched, each of which will deepen personalization and improve conversion rates.

"At every point of the buying cycle, ABX is embedded in an intense emphasis on the customer, utilizing intelligent insights to know when and how to communicate, and what to say to each account," says Jon Miller, Demandbase's chief marketing and product officer. " Your website is one of the most important interactions a client or prospect can have with your company, the website experience must be as personalized as email or other channels. Our new Demandbase Personalization features make it simple to offer the best website experience and elevate the entire journey."

The feature enhancements to the Demandbase Personalization product include:
Site Customization — Go-to-market teams can now improve website conversion rates by creating exclusive site interactions for their target accounts, which can be improved with more granular segmentation using Demandbase's dynamic list selectors and a more responsive user interface. It's now simpler than ever to share new personalized experiences with a shareable preview page, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to it. Customers may also target the same account list with personalized advertising and landing page experiences that are specific to their point in the purchasing process.

Forms Enrichment — Demandbase users have everything they need to create custom online forms with a small number of fields while collecting more accurate information about the user. This enables teams to enhance the website experience for prospects while also increasing web form conversion rates.

"I was not surprised to learn recently that 98% of marketers believe personalization strengthens consumer relationships," says Seth Myers, vice president of product at Demandbase. "Furthermore, Gartner predicts that smart personalization engines used to identify customer intent would help digital businesses to increase profits by up to 25% by 2023. Personalization is taking centre stage in the industry today, according to figures like these and other B2B patterns. This strengthens the case for our upgraded Personalization product and its industry-leading capabilities, which treat personalization as seriously as it can. We are bound and willing to continue anticipating what our users want and need to elevate ABX."

After its introduction in November 2020, Demandbase has seen increased consumer acceptance of Demandbase One, which is the best account-based platform for identifying, engaging, and closing the accounts that matter.

About Demandbase

Demandbase is the market leader in Account-Based Experience (ABX) and an essential component of the B2B Go-to-Market technology stack. The company simply has the best account-based interface for finding, engaging, and closing the accounts that matter. Demandbase is used by the world's largest and fastest-growing firms, including Accenture, Adobe, DocuSign, GE, Salesforce, and others, to push their ABX approach and improve their marketing efficiency. The company has been named to JMP Securities' "The Hot 100: The Best Privately Held Software Companies," the Deloitte Fast 500, and Gartner's Cool Vendor for Tech Go-To-Market.


Pulling out a number of stats related to this fastest-growing marketing discipline, this infographic highlights some of the areas you seriously need to consider. It’s very easy, in a world full of stats and instant communications, to become immune to the core reasons for undertaking a programme of D

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Pulling out a number of stats related to this fastest-growing marketing discipline, this infographic highlights some of the areas you seriously need to consider. It’s very easy, in a world full of stats and instant communications, to become immune to the core reasons for undertaking a programme of D