Drift Conversation Cloud Boosts ROI for Financial Service & Manufacturing Firms

Drift | March 16, 2023 | Read time : 07:00 min

Drift Boosts ROI

On March 15, 2023, Drift, the Conversation Cloud company, announced significant growth in the financial services and manufacturing industries, increasing their return on investment (ROI) by 12x on average. Drift serves more than 250 manufacturing and financial services companies, including Mirion Technologies, Hines, Cornerstone Building Brands, and Apex Group.

Drift has collaborated with BOL Agency, Demandbase, 6sense, Quarry, and Salesloft to improve integration with the prevalent tech stacks in these industries. Some partners also provide unique services along with the Drift Conversation Cloud to help fulfill critical goals within these industries, such as generating qualified leads and account-based marketing strategies.

The financial service sector faces challenges in providing customers with the same convenient experience as retail banking. Digital transformation and rising competition from private equity, fintech, and other financial service companies add to the challenges. To overcome these obstacles, leading financial services companies utilize Drift's live chat, online concierge experience, and personalized video follow-up to engage clients as soon as they visit their websites.

Creating a digital experience that meets customer expectations can be challenging for the manufacturing sector, and it can be difficult to deliver customer satisfaction at scale. Drift allows its manufacturing clients to connect with real-time conversations that provide content, expedite accounts, answer questions, and convert qualified buyers into leads.

CRO of Drift, Andrew Arocha, shared, "The manufacturing and financial services industries are the newest frontiers for Drift and the immediate results we've seen with customers is an indicator that conversational AI is applicable to every industry, especially with so much attention around GPT capabilities and use cases." He added, "The power of conversations opens the door for tremendous growth, which benefits our existing and new customers alike as we invest more heavily into these industries."

(Source – Cision PR Newswire)

About Drift

Drift is one of the leading conversational marketing, sales and service platforms that enables businesses to deliver more personalized and human buying experiences. By using its Conversation Cloud, companies can connect with customers in the right place, at the right time, and with the right conversation, powered by artificial intelligence. With over 5,000 customers, Drift has established itself as a market leader in the industry, helping businesses accelerate revenue and build lifelong customer relationships. The company is a unicorn led by Latino founders, dedicated to creating an enduring and transformative business that puts the customer at the center of everything it does.


Although e-signatures have been legally recognised for decades, some businesses have been reluctant to replace traditional ink-and-paper processes. But in the last two years, all of that changed. If you’re ready to let go of paper processes, you may have some questions about implementing e-signatures and if they can work for you


Although e-signatures have been legally recognised for decades, some businesses have been reluctant to replace traditional ink-and-paper processes. But in the last two years, all of that changed. If you’re ready to let go of paper processes, you may have some questions about implementing e-signatures and if they can work for you

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Insider launches Integration Hub, WhatsApp Commerce and more than 20 new features to help businesses scale and future-proof their CX

PR Newswire | April 13, 2023

Insider—a marketing platform for delivering individualized, cross-channel customer experiences—launched over 20 industry-leading features this quarter, including their Integration Hub, WhatsApp Commerce, Eureka — personalized search on web, Web Push support for Mac Safari, iOS, and iPadOS, and more. These advancements aim to help businesses future-proof their customer experience and propel revenue from one centralized platform. Insider helps over 1,200 leading enterprise brands and high-growth startups—including Samsung, Pizza Hut, Clarins, Madeira Madeira, Marks & Spencer, Virgin, Burger King, Toyota, Singapore Airlines, CNN, Lenovo, and MAC — accelerate digital growth and create delightful customer experiences by connecting data across channels, predicting future behavior with AI, and individualizing experiences. To support changing user behavior and a fast-changing economy, Insider launched a range of new products and features to deliver more value to businesses by leveraging the power of their existing tech stack. This quarter, Insider delivered innovative solutions to amplify channel capabilities and help brands treat every touchpoint as a revenue driver and opportunity for conversion. Introducing Insider's Integration Hub Offering over 100 tools and connectors, Insider's Integration Hub means brands can now integrate their existing tech stack with Insider to increase operational efficiency, unify their data, and elevate their customer experiences. This new launch aims to help businesses scale their customer experiences (CX) seamlessly by integrating with pre-selected tools or opting for custom integrations with APIs. Insider's Integration Hub offers integrations across more than 20 categories, including CRM, Analytics, Ads, Social Media, and more—allowing businesses to combine the power of their martech stack and create highly individualized experiences for users with unified data. WhatsApp Commerce: Create end-to-end conversational buying experiences within WhatsApp Insider's biggest launch of the quarter was WhatsApp Commerce—following the recent acquisition of MindBehind and becoming an official Meta Business Solutions Partner (BSP). Insider now offers 360-degree WhatsApp solutions starting from WhatsApp Business account creation, template approval, campaign creation, opt-in templates, segmentation, personalization, reporting, and more. With this launch, consumers can discover, browse and buy products, and engage with businesses — right within the app where they spend most of their time — and in the conversational style they use with their friends and family. WhatsApp Commerce allows businesses to deliver immersive web-style experiences within WhatsApp, combined with the power of two-way conversational messaging. This pioneering technology will enable businesses to create seamless buying experiences, from sending personalized promotions, capturing leads, and launching products to delivering post-purchase confirmations and loyalty experiences. Businesses in any industry can benefit from WhatsApp Commerce, since the app is now the most popular messaging channel in the world, with over 2 billion active users and an open rate of 99%. It provides opportunities to improve product discovery, increase sales, uplift AOV, optimize CAAC, increase CLTV, and improve repeat purchases by running niche campaigns like product launches for retail, flight reminders with ancillary sales for travel, lead generation tools like interest calculators for banking and finance, and test drive booking forms for automotive, enabling users to complete their goal with fewer clicks and no redirects. "Insider's WhatsApp Commerce has fundamentally changed how we interact with our customers. We are now able to meet our audience where they already are and offer complete order booking experiences at the touch of a button within their favorite app. Insider's WhatsApp Commerce allows us to build more personalized and conversational purchase experiences for our audience as an extension of our promotional campaigns — allowing them to leverage our offers, browse our menu, and place an order without leaving WhatsApp. This has significantly reduced cart abandonment by 61% and improved our monthly average order value by 38%." - E-commerce Director, Food Retailer With WhatsApp Commerce, brands can leverage templates like product cards, category lists, catalogs, conversational flows, rich CTA messages, payment integrations and more to influence customers. Integrate with CDPs to unify data and scale experiences Businesses can now leverage Insider's most popular CDP integrations, such as Segment, Tealium, and mParticle to exchange user events and audience data to activate deeper segmentation on Insider. These integrations empower brands to provide hyper-personalized recommendations based on user data, and leverage offline user data, loyalty scores, purchase history, and category preferences to create highly relevant online experiences. Reduce CAC with personalized remarketing on social media platforms like Tiktok and Facebook Businesses can now deliver powerful remarketing campaigns on channels like Google Ads, Tiktok, Facebook Ads, and Facebook offline advertising by leveraging user actions on Web, App, and other channels, supported by Insider. TikTok's popularity makes it one of the best choices for different verticals including retail, banking, finance, travel, and automotive brands to remarket and re-engage their visitors and users. Insider's AI-powered segmentation empowers businesses to leverage over 25 algorithms to create razor-sharp segments based on user behavior. And, with Insider's one-click TikTok integration, businesses can send these fine-tuned segments to TikTok to reduce CAC and accelerate engagement. Fast integration, seamless connections, increased efficiency Other popular integrations include a plug-and-play connection with Shopify, two-way data connections with analytics tools like Mixpanel and Amplitude, connection with CRM tools like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Hubspot, retail apps, productivity tools, and support solutions like Zendesk and more. ''Insider's team proactively supported us during the integration process, suggesting best practices that will help us squeeze more out of their platform. With Insider, our whole marketing process has been greatly simplified, and it is this, along with the admirable tech support, that makes them a great choice for us at LEGO.' - Marketing and eCommerce Manager at LEGO Eureka: Personalize search results for online shoppers with AI-led recommendations Eureka is a product discovery platform that enables brands to curate intelligent, relevant, and faster search experiences by showing personalized recommendations powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. Search results on Eureka reflect every shopper's unique interests and affinities, such as their preferred brands, sizes, styles, and colors. The most relevant products for each user are ranked and displayed at the top of the search results to assist shoppers in discovering their favorite products faster than ever before. "We love the feature of predicting search terms and displaying search results that are unique to each user based on their affinity. It is one of the coolest features we have on our website, which really helps us stand apart from our competition." - Ecommerce Director, Eveshop Eureka's advanced faceting filters and sorting capabilities help improve search precision and speed up product discovery by allowing shoppers to filter products based on characteristics and attributes. Increase subscriber reach with Web Push for Safari users on Mac, iOS, and iPad Following Apple's recent beta launch of Web Push for home screen web apps for iOS and iPadOS 16.4, Insider is extending Web Push support for these devices. This launch means that push notifications from web apps on iOS and iPad will now show up on the Lock Screen, in the Notification Center, and on paired Apple Watches, assuring higher open and click-through rates for brands. Now, notifications from web apps will work exactly like notifications from other apps. Brands will soon be able to send push notifications to Safari web apps on users' home screens for hand-held devices—even when the app isn't open. This means marketers can expand their audience reach to over 1.5 billion active iOS users and iPad users with personalized push notifications. Recognized as the #1 Leader in integrations, mobile marketing, personalization, and CDP categories by G2 G2 Spring Reports confirmed Insider as the #1 Leader in multiple categories, recognized by users for their industry-leading capabilities and fast time to value. 98% of Insider's customers believe the product is heading in the right direction, with 96% open to recommending them to prospects looking for an AI-led cross-channel journey orchestration solution, mobile-first strategy, and integration capabilities. Insider will continue to focus on empowering businesses to craft individualized experiences with richer capabilities, faster execution, and higher results — keeping customer preferences and unified customer data at the crux of these experiences. Get in touch with Insider's growth consultants for a personalized demo to discover how Insider can help you overcome your toughest growth challenges. Follow Insider on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook About Insider Insider helps global brands and marketers across industries connect data from multiple channels, predict the future behavior of their customers with AI, and deliver individualized experiences on any channel. Learn more at:

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Well Planned Web Partners With PathFactory To Provide Innovative Marketing Solutions That Will Drive Better Content Engagement For B2B Businesses

PRWeb | April 21, 2023

PathFactory, the leading B2B Content Intelligence platform, today announced a new partnership with Well Planned Web, a globally-recognized content marketing agency. This partnership will enable B2B-focused businesses to drive efficiency, scale across marketing channels, and increase sales funnel velocity by providing personalized content experiences. “We are thrilled to partner with Well Planned Web and bring our customers a powerful set of tools that will drive better engagement and ROI,” said Dev Ganesan, CEO and President of PathFactory. “Well Planned Web is known for its innovative marketing strategies and deep expertise in digital marketing and content, and we’re excited to combine our content intelligence platform with their marketing know-how to create new solutions that help B2B businesses achieve their revenue goals.” As part of the partnership, Well Planned Web will leverage PathFactory’s content intelligence platform to deliver personalized content experiences for their clients. This will enable businesses to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, resulting in accelerated engagement, increased revenue, improved customer loyalty and tangible opportunities to close the attribution loop. “We are excited to partner with PathFactory and bring our clients a new level of content personalization and engagement,” said Deana Goldasich, CEO of Well Planned Web. “By leveraging PathFactory’s content intelligence platform, we can help businesses create exceptional content experiences that drive results.” The partnership between PathFactory and Well Planned Web represents a major step forward for businesses looking to elevate their existing content marketing strategy and martech stack by leveraging AI-powered tools that help go-to-market teams target, nurture, and convert prospects faster. The joint solution will be applicable to a number of use cases, such as ABM/ABX, content strategy, and lead generation. PathFactory’s content intelligence platform is currently being used by several enterprise and mid-market customers, including Adobe, Cisco, and Anthology. About PathFactory Leading enterprise and mid-market B2B companies use PathFactory to accelerate nurture, improve win rates, and understand content performance by delivering intelligent content experiences across the buyer’s journey. Using insights and automation to connect people with content, PathFactory removes friction for B2B buyers. PathFactory was recently recognized by Deloitte as one of North America’s Technology Fast 500 and Canada’s Technology Fast 50 companies. It was also named the winner of Oracle CX’s inaugural visionary ISV partner of the year 2020, 2022 Top-Rated Content Marketing Software by TrustRadius, a 2022 Content Experience Leader by G2, and a 2019 Cool Vendor in Technology Marketing by Gartner. Learn more about PathFactory’s B2B Content Intelligence platform and the companies that use it at About Well Planned Web At Well Planned Web, no client business is too complex. Through an extensive audience-exploration process, we build a comprehensive understanding of every client’s buyer, along with marketing challenges and sales realities. Then, and only then, do we strategically build a plan to lock eyes with that buyer. For over 14 years, Well Planned Web has helped trailblazing enterprise and mid-market companies find their voice online through effective content strategy and content marketing. Clients include leading B2B technology companies, financial services firms, professional services agencies, medical leaders and specialty e-commerce providers. Well Planned Web has been globally recognized as a leading content marketing agency by the Content Marketing Institute, MarketingProfs B2B Forum, Salesforce, Digital Summit, DigiMarcon, and the American Marketing Association.

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Aprimo and SecureCHEK AI Partner to Transform Content Operations in Pharmaceutical Industry

Business Wire | May 17, 2023

Aprimo, an industry-leading provider of digital asset management and marketing resource management solutions, and SecureCHEK AI, a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) software company, today announced their partnership to create a market-first solution that is set to optimize the entire content lifecycle for the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry. By combining Aprimo’s content operations platform with SecureCHEK AI’s AI-powered marketing solutions for regulated industries, pharmaceutical companies can now create, manage and deliver compliant content faster and more efficiently. “The pharmaceutical industry is facing a content creation crisis. With increasing demand for content across channels, many organizations are unable to meet demand due to inefficient, manual operations which can often lead to launch delays, increased costs and risk of non-compliance,” said Erik Huddleston, CEO of Aprimo. “We wanted to create an end-to-end solution that directly answered this challenge and provide an all-inclusive solution for pharmaceutical businesses to revolutionize how they approach their content operations.” Aprimo and SecureCHEK AI's solution enables users to streamline the content creation and review process while mitigating resource constraints and risk management concerns. Users can develop and check promotional materials within a single platform, giving organizations more control over their content and freeing up medical, legal and regulatory reviewers to focus on strategy – ultimately empowering organizations to produce higher-quality, compliant content more efficiently and at a fraction of the speed. “We are thrilled to partner with Aprimo to deliver a cutting-edge solution that balances agility and compliance, addressing the industry’s demand for personalized content at scale while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements,” said Ilyssa Levins, CEO and Founder of SecureCHEK AI. “We are proud to be at the forefront of this technology, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with Aprimo and driving further innovation in the industry.” To learn more about Aprimo and SecureCHEK AI's partnership and how it further demonstrates Aprimo's commitment to utilizing AI in content operations, visit About Aprimo Aprimo offers industry-leading digital asset management and work management solutions that help teams spend their time and effort on content and marketing strategies to drive business outcomes and reach customers in the right channels. Aprimo’s powerful content operations platform provides organizations with a single source of truth to optimize the way they plan, develop, govern, and deliver exceptional brand experiences at scale. Learn more at About SecureCHEK AI SecureCHEK AI is a software-as-a-service platform powered by artificial intelligence that accelerates marketing campaigns and shortens the medical, legal, and regulatory review process. The company's platform specializes in developing compliant content using machine learning and natural language processing to instantly create modular templates that are prechecked for errors. Data shows that SecureCHEK AI can cut design time by more than one-third and check content five times faster than a manual process. The software is easy to use and can be implemented into existing workflows. Learn more at

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