Intentsify Achieves 3x Revenue Growth in 2021

Intentsify | February 28, 2022

Intentsify Achieves 3x Revenue Growth
On February 24, Intentsify announced explosive revenue growth in the third consecutive year. It is expanding its executive team to scale business in 2022.

As the leader in the intent-data activation software and solutions, Intentsify had set aggressive revenue goals in 2021. It began the year with investing in proprietary Intent Activation technology that supports sales organizations and B2B marketing through account-based marketing strategies and digital marketing channels.

In December 2021, Intentsify announced that BV Investment Partners (BV) had made a significant investment in the company to help speed up its product innovation and growth.

“We set aggressive revenue and customer acquisition goals in 2021,” said Intentsify CEO, Marc Laplante.

“We set aggressive revenue and customer acquisition goals in 2021,” said Intentsify CEO, Marc Laplante. “And our amazing team crushed them both by wide margins. The investment by BV and some big executive hires all but ensure continued success in 2022.”

2021 Growth Milestones
  • 3x year-over-year revenue growth
  • 74.6% increase in net-new customers
  • 2x jump in employee headcount
Devon Wellbrock, SVP of Global Accounts, has joined Intentsify. She has two decades worth of experience in account-based marketing and IT channel sales. She brings a blend of vision, knowledge, and leadership, thanks to her having led large account management, global sales, and professional services teams. She will focus on enterprise B2B technology organizations and drive platform sales and global business expansion.

Martin Carr, VP of Data Sales, comes with more than 20 years of experience in the marketing industry. He has helped clients fine-tune their go-to-market approach and execute their sales and marketing strategies. Martin will collaborate with customers to help them get insights on B2B buyer mindset at each stage of the customer lifecycle.


It’s official -- ABM isn’t just a fad – it’s “the way” to sell and market – and it’s here to stay. In fact, in a recent study, ABM is linked to improvements in close rates approaching 300%. Now that’s an ROI increase you want to be associated with! So where do you start?


It’s official -- ABM isn’t just a fad – it’s “the way” to sell and market – and it’s here to stay. In fact, in a recent study, ABM is linked to improvements in close rates approaching 300%. Now that’s an ROI increase you want to be associated with! So where do you start?

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Momentum to Drive Global Strategy by Appointing Key Executives

Momentum | February 16, 2021

As the business pursues growth in EMEA and North America, the leader in account-based marketing and the growth consultancy, momentum has announced major two executive appointments. The appointments are Robert Bell as Group Chief Financial Officer and Will Nicholls as UK Managing Director. Bell has a track record of leading various organizations through periods of international expansion and high growth and will guide the M&A strategy of the group. He said that he is very much excited to join the company, Momentum, during the time of its growth and development. He is looking forward to leveraging his experience as they go forward. Nicholas is with the company for a year and he now becomes the MD. He has also held various positions in many known companies previously. He will look into business strategy and operations mainly. He feels he is honored to take on the role of MD and excited to lead the success of the company further in the European market. “Our customers are considering for partners with actual depth of know-how to drive business results and faultless delivery. We have a remarkable track record in bringing both and enter 2021 in a robust position.”, He said. To support the strategy, Alisha Lyndon, founder, and CEO of Momentum has bolstered regional management teams. They include Business Development Director, James Mollard, and Consulting Director, Jacqueline Gummer. The other important appointments done by the company are of two competitive intelligence experts, Lenore Scanlon and Diane Borska, Principal, Financial Services, US, and SVP Consulting respectively

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Cyance Introduces Three New Accredited Partners: Modern, Clarify, and Gilroy

Cyance | May 31, 2021

Intent data specialist, Cyance, has announced three B2B partners as accredited partners - Modern, Clarify, and Gilroy, who have become Cyance’s first Platinum Accredited Partner. Cyance has three levels of partner accreditation, which are awarded where a full platform deployment has been delivered within either a demand generation or account-based marketing program. Since deploying Cyance, each partner has provided significant ROI for their clients regarding engagement, leads, and new business. As Cyance’s first platinum accredited partner, Gilroy used Cyance intent data to fuel its ABM campaigns. With Cyance, Gilroy has achieved 420 SQLs within four weeks, a 4x uplift in engagement on an ABM program, and a £70m pipeline for one account through 1:1 ABM. For Clarify, Cyance is a critical component of its unique intelligence stack, underpinning its sales talent and marketing services. Clarify has seen an 11.3x ROI, 3x more leads than non-intent driven campaigns, and a CPL reduction of more than 50%. Modern uses Cyance intent data to cluster accounts and content around customized keywords to determine the exact buyer stage of an account and subsequently target markets with a high propensity for their clients’ services. Modern has also delivered incredible results for its clients, including campaigns that have achieved 8.6x ROI and a 4x increase in average deal size compared with non-intent deals. Just this past month, Cyance has announced a new round of additional funding from investors, including Blackfinch Ventures and Nexus Investments, for £860,000. Jon Clarke, founder, chief product officer of Cyance, said: “Our partners are an essential part of our business. Their ability to build sophisticated account-based programs by leveraging data and technology to develop a deep understanding of accounts and create highly targeted and relevant engagement is very advanced. Furthermore, Cyance’s leading European intent platform gives partners the best insights for accounts across this territory, which means they can identify buyer behavior that other platforms cannot see. As a result, the ROI from account-based strategies that incorporate European buyers is very high”.

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Dun & Bradstreet Introduces D&B Rev.Up ABX, the Industry's First Open RevTech Platform

Dun & Bradstreet | May 07, 2021

Dun & Bradstreet Holdings, Inc., a leading global provider of market decisions data and analytics, today launched D&B Rev.Up, an inclusive and agnostic platform that aligns teams, data, and technologies to provide meaningful and engaging buyers interactions for target accounts. D&B Rev.Up ABX is the market's first product to combine first- and third-party data, activation features, and analysis on top of the industry-leading customer data platform (CDP) providing sales and marketing teams with a unified vision of an account from targeting to revenue. Marketing has been more difficult in recent years, with more dynamic martech and salestech stacks, increased privacy regulations, and a transition to digital, accelerated by the shift to remote jobs. Simultaneously, marketing executives are being tasked with doing more for less and sharing equal responsibility for revenue production, requiring greater collaboration with sales and operations leaders. In reality, a recent study of over 2,400 B2B sales, marketing, and operations leaders discovered that businesses with an aligned revenue engine grew 19% faster and are 15% more profitable. D&B Rev.Up ABX uses a channel-agnostic approach to account strategy including a 360-degree view of accounts, contacts, campaigns, and sales plays. This strategy allows clients to address the channels that are most important to them while also enabling them to connect directly with existing martech or salestech stacks. D&B Rev.Up is built on an industry-leading CDP. ABX can absorb and unify first- and third-party data, as well as use sophisticated modeling, to create and prioritize audiences that can be quickly syndicated to an existing salestech or martech environment. It also includes an expanding ecosystem of connectors for ease of integration, as well as new account-based reporting and attribution to measure and optimize customer engagement. D&B Rev.Up ABX channels include: D&B Rev.Up ABX for Ads: enables execution of paid media campaigns through a managed service or self-serve option to buy display ads, with connectors to demand-side platforms (DSPs) or popular social media channels. D&B Rev.Up ABX for Web: provides the ability to deanonymize web visitors to build targeted audiences and helps create more engaging user experiences through pre-populated forms and personalized content. D&B Rev.Up ABX for Sales: enables the creation of targeted audiences for sales teams, rates opportunities, and puts sales plays into action with connectors to salestech solutions. D&B Rev.Up for Email: helps build targeted audiences and activate email campaigns in connection with popular marketing automation platforms. About Dun & Bradstreet Dun & Bradstreet, a leading global provider of business decisioning data and analytics, helps businesses all over the world enhance their performance. Dun & Bradstreet's Data Cloud powers solutions and provides insights that allow customers to increase sales, reduce costs, minimize risk, and transform their businesses. Since 1841, businesses of all sizes have relied on Dun & Bradstreet to handle risk and discover opportunities.

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