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NetLine's 2022 Content Consumption Report Reveals Unequaled New Buyer-Level Intent Findings

Today, NetLine published its 2022 State of B2B Content Consumption and Demand Report for Marketers — a full-scale look into the platform's first-party content consumption and demand data from the previous 12 months. The company's annual report explores key insights from the content consumption behaviors of millions of B2B buyers, providing a data-backed foundation through which Marketers can guide their centric content demand generation marketing programs.

NetLine's 2022 report also includes a brand-new section featuring buyer-level intent data. This portion breaks down insights captured via 72,000+ first-party buyer-level intent observations from a variety of industries in a multitude of categories, which allowed the company to share unrivaled observations of the true intentions of in-market buyers.

In total, NetLine's platform recorded 4.6 million first-party and buyer-level registrations, a nine percent lift from the prior year. Additionally, NetLine reported a 19% acceleration in additional content registrations and a 3.6-hour increase in overall time to consume content. These figures lead the company to focus on specific trends, regarding buyers' ever-growing need for more content, the significance of sophisticated simplicity, and growing importance of an effective nurture program. The company believes highlighting these trends will enable B2B Marketers to better prepare to meet the needs of their buyers by reaching beyond company-level signals to rely to buyer-level outcomes.

Additionally, the company's research revealed a sharp rise in interest in Lifestyle and Career focused content; specifically, regarding where they work, how to best protect their mental health, and how to navigate a new way of working. This behavior, which was previously quite rare within B2B audiences, highlights the tectonic shift in how businesses and professionals function.

NetLine's research unearthed dozens of incredible insights into the behaviors of B2B buyers. Here are a few key highlights from this volume:
  • 15.2% of B2B professionals expect to invest within the next six months.
  • Professionals registering for webinars are 29% more likely to make a purchase decision within six months.
  • Consumption within the Information Technology industry — the largest audience across NetLine's platform — increased 7.1%.
  • Consumption across the C-Level rose 15.8%.
  • Even though eBooks were the most in-demand format for users, representing 43.3% of all registrations, B2B Marketers promoted 20% more White Papers than eBooks.

NetLine CEO Robert Alvin shared his thoughts on NetLine's 2022 report, specifically calling attention to the buyer-level intent findings. "The ability to answer the question of 'Who' your buyers truly are has eluded Sales and Marketing departments for decades," Alvin said. "With the revelations our Buyer-Level Intent capabilities deliver, we not only have visibility into 'Who' will be making a purchase decision, but also 'When.' Combined with our established consumption data, our 2022 B2B Content Consumption Report discloses precisely when buyers expect to make a purchase and highlights which signals you must be paying attention to to take advantage of these unparalleled observations."

"The ability to answer the question of 'Who' your buyers truly are has eluded Sales and Marketing departments for decades," Alvin said.

The company said that thanks to its first-party data obtained from B2B professionals actively consuming content across every stage of the buyer's journey, it's 2022 Content Consumption Report provides concrete behavioral insights and removes the guesswork for Marketers to make real-world decisions.

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