Research From Frost & Sullivan and Webhelp Finds Customer Experience Innovation Set to Undergo Exponential Growth in the Next Decade

Webhelp | March 14, 2022

Customer contact center operations are set to undergo transformation to improve customer experience (CX) delivery, according to new research from Frost & Sullivan. Commissioned by Webhelp, the study of over 1,000 senior customer experience management professionals finds organizations are embracing technology and new ways of working to deliver improved customer service, with 98% planning to transform operations within 24 months.

The study finds almost one in two senior CX professionals expect to see a rise in new customer channels supported by technology such as voice assistants and augmented reality services in the next decade. Much of this change has been accelerated in the last couple of years by the COVID-19 pandemic; 90% expect working from home to be a permanent part of CX delivery models in the future, and 78% expect advisors to have the ability to determine where they want to work.

In remote environments, operational challenges have remained, and the research reveals that engaging and motivating employees is seen as the most pressing issue, closely followed by keeping up with the latest contact center technology and deploying it at scale.

“The study has provided fascinating insight on the future direction of customer experience delivery,” commented Alexander Michael, director of consulting at Frost & Sullivan. “As the industry continues to undergo rapid transformation, it’s pleasing to see that brands plan to embed work from home as a permanent part of their model. Those that recognize that this needs to be designed in properly, in a sustainable manner, will see true benefits for their business and their customers.”

A turnkey approach to quality customer journey delivery

Contact center managers expect onshore, nearshore and offshore contact centers to grow in the future – showcasing the need for a tailored approach across different businesses to maximize quality delivery. Companies choosing to improve customer experience may need to adapt the approach, while ensuring the security of customer data, access to talent, the resilience of operation and cost base.

“CX transformation must start with the needs of the customer and strategy of the business,” commented Olivier Duha, CEO and co-founder of Webhelp. “Once agreed, it’s important to think holistically about how an operation is designed to meet those needs. This model should embrace the most suitable delivery format, considering how onshore, nearshore and offshore locations can be combined with working models such as onsite, at-home, or hybrid work. The world we live in today means we can host a customer support location for anywhere in the world and scale it rapidly.”

The research indicates that any customer experience management approach must address operational challenges of the future, around managing employee attrition, integrating disparate channels and systems, managing compliance, and engaging and motivating employees (all areas estimated by one in two to be more challenging in the future).

The future

Respondents that have engaged in transformation projects are seeing benefits, with positive impacts identified on the security of data/customers (77%), customer experience (78%), access to talent (76%), the resilience of operations (77%), and cost base (77%).

“There are huge pressures on customer experience leaders to enable greater scalability to meet rising customer demand,” said Sandrine Asseraf, group managing director, at Webhelp. “While a majority of managers had minimal challenges moving to a work-from-home model, they now need to deploy the right technologies to adapt, scale and flex in response to advisor demands and evolving consumer behavior.”

About Webhelp
Webhelp designs, delivers, and optimizes unforgettable human experiences for today’s digital world – creating game-changing customer journeys. From sales to service, content moderation to credit management, Webhelp is an end-to-end partner across all B2C and B2B customer journeys. Its over 100,000 passionate employees across more than 55 countries thrive on making a difference for the world’s most exciting brands. Webhelp is currently owned by its management and Groupe Bruxelles Lambert (Euronext: GBLB), a leading global investment holding, as of November 2019.


Are you looking to create digital products – websites, apps or devices – but have content stored in various forms across various systems? That can make workflows inefficient and governance ineffective. In short, it can make organizing and managing content for multiple outputs a mess. A content hub provides a cohesive meta layer


Are you looking to create digital products – websites, apps or devices – but have content stored in various forms across various systems? That can make workflows inefficient and governance ineffective. In short, it can make organizing and managing content for multiple outputs a mess. A content hub provides a cohesive meta layer

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MarCom Award-winning campaign helps Influ2 close deals with Sumo Logic and Metova

Influ2, MarCom Awards | December 02, 2021

Influ2, the first Person-Based Advertising (PBA) platform, today announced that the MarCom Awards has named the company a Gold winner for its ‘New Reality’ Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign, which achieved 581% ROI. The ‘New Reality’ campaign applied a Buying Group Marketing (BGM) approach that provided a deeply personalized sales and marketing experience, tailored to where key decision-makers are in their purchase journey. The campaign, run using Influ2’s PBA platform, helped drive engagement with enterprise-level accounts in a tough economic climate. Helping to drive better awareness of its product capabilities, to date deals have been closed with Metova and Sumo Logic from the campaign. “We are grateful to have Influ2’s hard work and creativity recognized by this prestigious and global award. The pandemic caught everyone by surprise and we were driven to show B2B marketers how Influ2 could help them navigate a digital-only world and target those in the buying group, making the actual purchasing decision,” said Dmitri Lisitski, CEO and Co-Founder of Influ2. Influ2 introduces Buying Group Engagement (BGE) score Furthering its commitment to BGM, Influ2 launched its new Buying Group Engagement (BGE) score that flags meaningful activity across an account and with key decision-makers. The BGE score reflects the probability of an account to engage in relation to its Influ2 campaign activity. This better captures relationships across the entire buying group and helps B2B businesses coordinate their demand generation, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and sales activity to match their prospects’ level of engagement across their purchasing journey. “Our shift to the BGE score signifies our commitment to Buying Group Marketing. The BGE score helps B2B marketers identify when buying groups are ready to be engaged with, improving the handoff between sales and marketing and enhancing the effectiveness of their efforts,” said Lisitski. “Additionally, the BGE score helps further evaluate the success and impact of their Influ2 campaigns with target accounts and better account for overall performance.” Influ2 hosts Buying Group Marketing (BGM) webinar featuring Forrester To deep dive into Buying Group Marketing, Influ2 is hosting a webinar with guest speaker, Malachi Threadgill, Principal Analyst (Account-Based Marketing) from Forrester, to discuss the factors driving this approach and explore how to set up for success. The webinar on Wednesday, December 8 at 12pm EST/9am PST will cover: Understanding the buyer and B2B marketing trends driving Buying Group Marketing Learning how to best structure B2B Revenue Waterfall programs to engage buying groups Discussion about the evolution of a new generation of metrics between sales and marketing Tips on key success factors for taking a Buying Group Marketing approach Register here to join the live webinar or to receive the recording. About Influ2 Influ2 is a Person-Based Advertising platform for B2B companies that is purpose-built for B2B marketers who want to amplify their enterprise reach and revenue. It serves ads to specific decision-markers via display and social networks and provides sales with person-based and buying group insights that drive engagement within their target accounts. Where attention is finite, Influ2 helps you get in front of and drive engagement with people that want to engage with you. For more information, visit About MarCom Awards MarCom is one of the oldest, largest and most-respected creative competitions in the world. Winning a MarCom award is highly sought-after, peer-recognition from the creative industry. MarCom is sponsored and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), a 25-year-old international organization consisting of thousands of creative professionals. As part of its mission, AMCP fosters and supports the efforts of creative professionals who contribute their unique talents to public service and community organizations. Over the past few years, AMCP has given over 250,000 in charitable contributions.

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MeritB2B Rebrands as Anteriad

Anteriad | April 04, 2022

On March 31, MeritB2B announced rebranding as Anteriad at their annual PowerB2B Growth Summit in Austin, TX. It aims to position itself as a trailblazer in B2B marketing. The name Anteriad means ‘pointing forward’, a correct representation of the company’s forward-looking approach. The new branding emphasizes the company’s positive momentum. “Anteriad is a company that’s ahead of its time and ahead of the market. Our positioning directly reflects our focus on being uniquely able to provide our customers the solutions they need to get ahead and take the lead,” said Rob Sanchez, CEO at Anteriad. “Anteriad is a company that’s ahead of its time and ahead of the market. Our positioning directly reflects our focus on being uniquely able to provide our customers the solutions they need to get ahead and take the lead,” said Rob Sanchez, CEO at Anteriad. “I’m thrilled to launch our new name and brand at PowerB2B, our first major event since 2019, and the beginning of a new era in B2B marketing leadership.” Anteriad is a combination of MeritB2B and recently acquired True Influence and other strategic acquisitions in the B2B marketing domain. It will offer a suite of best-in-class services such as full-funnel demand generation, market-leading intent, marketing cloud technology, programmatic data, and audience solutions. These services will be powered by the industry’s most comprehensive B2B data. “We chose to announce our new brand at the PowerB2B Growth Summit because the event is all about using best-in-class solutions to take the lead in B2B marketing, a perfect complement to the ethos behind our new positioning. We’re thrilled to be hosting such an incredible group of marketing leaders, and are excited for what the future holds,” said Dee Blohm, SVP Marketing at Anteriad. At the Power B2B Growth Summit, marketing leaders from companies like Kustomer, which was recently acquired by Meta, The Channel Company, Infinite Electronics, and MKTG2.U. Executives from leading B2B marketing teams at companies like Amazon, SAP, and Microsoft were at the Summit.

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Research Report on Global Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Software Market on Key Industry Segments, 2021-2027

ResearchMoz | February 23, 2021

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Software Market report by ReserchMoz offers insights into the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Software industry. The market research report covers different product Scope, Classifications, Characterizations, Participants, and Objectives. The report also gives insights into Marketing Channel, Indirect Marketing, Direct Marketing, Pricing Strategy, Brand Strategy, Target Client, Market Positioning, and Distributors/Traders List. The key players in the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Software Market included in the report are the profiles of 6sense, Adobe Campaign, Act-On, Demandbase,, Alyce, Engagio, Jambo, DiscoverOrg, Engagio, InsideView, PFL Tactile Marketing Automation, LeanData, Outreach, Marketo, Printfection, Terminus, Reachdesk, Triblio, Sendoso, and ZoomInfo. The main points included in the report about the company profiles are Product Specifications, Gross Margin, Gross, Cost, CAGR, Capacity, Revenue, Production Value, and contact information. Globally, the largest regional market of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Software is the Asia-Pacific market. China and India dominated the market among the countries, followed by Japan. The main growth factors of the market are a High economic growth rate, rising health awareness applications, growing demand for plastic construction products, improved standard of living, and affordable manufacturing costs. The forecast in the report is done from 2021 to 2027. The size of the global Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Software Market is expected to increase from xx Million US$ in 2020 to xx Million US$ by 2027 during the forecast period at a CAGR of xx%. The regions analyzed in the report are Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, South America, and The Middle East and Africa. The report is also divided into many other segments such as type, application and they are further sub-divided into different categories. About ResearchMoz: ResearchMoz is a well-known market research company for research reports and industry analysis. They help companies bridge the gap bet wen success and failure through tier compelling market research reports, which provide the companies in-depth knowledge on market analysis and trends. They have a team of various industry experts dedicated to performing industry analysis and deep studies.

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