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Seismic Names Paige O’Neill as Chief Marketing Officer

Business Wire | May 24, 2023 | Read time : 08:00 min

Paige O’Neill

Seismic, the global leader in enablement, today announced it has appointed Paige O’Neill as Chief Marketing Officer. Paige will lead all marketing functions including corporate, product, field, partner, and customer marketing. She will focus on elevating Seismic’s efforts across the full customer journey and driving closer alignment across marketing, go-to-market, product, and engineering teams.

Before joining Seismic, Paige served as chief marketing officer (CMO) at Sitecore for nearly five years where she led its global marketing team across product, partner, customer, and corporate marketing. She brings 30 years of marketing leadership experience to Seismic, serving as CMO at public and private software companies including Prysm, SDL, and Aravo Solutions. She also spent nearly a decade at Oracle in product marketing and public relations roles.

“In our search for a new CMO, Paige stood out for her wide breadth and depth of tech marketing experience, her executive presence, and her passion for growing and building strong teams,” said Doug Winter, cofounder and CEO, Seismic. “I’m looking forward to seeing how she works hand-in-hand with our revenue and product leaders to help Seismic continue delivering exceptional products and services to our customers.”

Seismic further bolsters its executive leadership team with another proven leader in Paige. Last month, the company promoted Toby Carrington to Chief Business Officer to oversee all strategy and operations.

“Seismic is at an exciting stage in an exciting space. As a CMO, I’m intimately aware of the value of enablement programs and technology for modern go-to-market teams,” said Paige. “Great companies have stellar products, people, and customers – and Seismic has all three. I’m keen to get started, meet the team, and work with our customers and partners to drive value.”

Based in San Francisco, Paige holds bachelor's and master’s degrees from the University of Kentucky. To see all open career opportunities at Seismic, visit seismic.com/careers.

About Seismic

Seismic is the global leader in enablement, helping organizations engage customers, enable teams, and ignite revenue growth. The Seismic Enablement Cloud™ is the most powerful, unified enablement platform that equips customer-facing teams with the right skills, content, tools, and insights to grow and win. From the world’s largest enterprises to startups and small businesses, more than 2,000 organizations around the globe trust Seismic for their enablement needs. Seismic is headquartered in San Diego with offices across North America, Europe, and Australia.

To learn more, visit Seismic.com and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.


To uncover details about the future of field service, Bain & Company recently conducted a research project comprised of executive-level interviews and an online survey of field service engineers. Bain was able to isolate 20 trends that were essential to the survival of all industrial organizations in the competitive service busi


To uncover details about the future of field service, Bain & Company recently conducted a research project comprised of executive-level interviews and an online survey of field service engineers. Bain was able to isolate 20 trends that were essential to the survival of all industrial organizations in the competitive service busi

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Momentum ITSMA Introduces a New Book on Dynamics of Buying Cycles

Momentum ITSMA | September 13, 2023

Momentum ITSMA has announced the launch of its new book, 'The ABM Effect: How to Win, Retain, and Grow Your Most Valuable Clients.' The company's ABM Benchmark Report, created in partnership with The ABM Leadership Alliance, aims to achieve a 55% annual growth in account revenues. The reader will explore strategies for establishing trust, leveraging customer insights, and creating a personalized value proposition that truly resonates with their target audience. On September 12, 2023, Momentum ITSMA, a global B2B growth consultancy enabling companies to achieve market-beating performance by growing, winning, and retaining valuable client relationships, has announced the release of its new book, 'The ABM Effect: How to Win, Retain, and Grow Your Most Valuable Clients.' Written by Alisha Lyndon, the Founder of Momentum ITSMA, the book presents a novel viewpoint on the functions of marketing and sales in developing long-term strategic client relationships. It promotes a strategy that is advantageous to both the company and its clients. Account-based marketing is of the most important importance and relevance at present. Momentum ITSMA's ABM Benchmark Report, in partnership with The ABM Leadership Alliance, showcases that ABM has a proven track record. On average, it enables businesses to achieve a remarkable 55% growth in annual account revenues. Moreover, ABM contributes to a significant 71% expansion in account relationships and a 34% enhancement of reputation inside accounts. Alisha Lyndon, Founder of Momentum ITSMA, mentioned, ABM is about people, not personas. It is about accounts, not markets. It means shifting your focus from the broadcast of 'let me tell you why we're great' to the value of 'we see your problems and the opportunities for growth. Let us help you get there'. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] The author stated that the book had been written for executives, sales, and marketing leaders with the aim of fostering a mutual understanding of their roles throughout the buying cycle. Additionally, it aimed to assist them in recognizing obstacles to purchasing and attending to client needs before, during, and after the buying cycle, added Lyndon. In ‘The ABM Effect,’ Alisha Lyndon draws on her extensive experience to outline successful strategies that unite sales and marketing teams. These approaches empower them to not only acquire but also retain and expand strategic accounts. Delving into the evolving dynamics of buying cycles, the book distinguishes effective practices from ineffective ones. It provides readers with a well-defined framework for navigating these dynamics effectively. Nina Gmachl-Eshuis, Vice President, Salesforce, stated, Customer trust is hard won, and easily lost. Having worked first hand with Lyndon, she knows what it takes to build trust, reputation, and relationships with key accounts. This approach works. This book provides valuable insight for anyone in sales or marketing leadership looking to outperform their competition. [Source – Cision PR Newswire]

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Bloomreach Now Supports Frictionless Integrations With Third-Party Applications Requiring OAuth 2.0 Authentication Method

Business Wire | July 07, 2023

Bloomreach, the world’s #1 Commerce Experience Cloud, today announced the support of Open Authorization (OAuth) 2.0 authentication for webhooks, an industry standard protocol for authentication that enables third-party applications to access a user's data without sharing their credentials. Businesses will now have the ability to integrate Bloomreach Engagement with popular third-party applications that require OAuth through webhooks, safely connecting real-time data in and out Bloomreach and further boosting marketing personalization — without the need to switch platforms. The use of webhooks plays a crucial role in facilitating real-time data synchronization and triggering actions across multiple marketing channels. By leveraging webhooks effectively, marketers can deliver personalized, timely, and consistent experiences across every touchpoint, leading to improved customer engagement and satisfaction. As marketers deliver these enhanced experiences, the OAuth 2.0 authentication method for webhooks maintains the security and integrity of the exchanged data. By enabling controlled access to protected resources, it mitigates the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches. “Enabling businesses to unify their data easily and securely within their tech stack has been a guiding principle of our platform since its inception. The launch of OAuth 2.0 authentication for webhooks will expand possibilities of system integration to another level,” said Michal Novovesky, General Manager and Head of Product, Bloomreach Engagement. OAuth 2.0 authentication via webhooks opens the door for brands to frictionlessly integrate Bloomreach Engagement with third-party platforms and applications in their tech stack that require this authentication method. This includes Microsoft Azure, Commercetools, Criteo Marketing, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Listrak, and Talkdesk, among many others. Learn more about authentication methods at Bloomreach here. About Bloomreach Bloomreach is the world’s #1 Commerce Experience Cloud, empowering brands to deliver customer journeys so personalized, they feel like magic. It offers a suite of products that drive true personalization and digital commerce growth, including: Discovery, offering AI-driven search and merchandising; Content, offering a headless CMS; and Engagement, offering a leading CDP and marketing automation solutions. Together, these solutions combine the power of unified customer and product data with the speed and scale of AI-optimization, enabling revenue-driving digital commerce experiences that convert on any channel and every journey. Bloomreach serves over 850 global brands including Albertsons, Bosch, Puma, FC Bayern München, and Marks & Spencer. For more information, visit Bloomreach.com.

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Turing AI Sees a 230% Surge in Email Open Rates with FlashIntel's Advanced ABM Strategy

EIN News | August 14, 2023

Turing AI, a global leader in AI-driven cybersecurity, proudly announces a transformative milestone in its Account-Based Marketing (ABM) journey. Collaborating with FlashIntel, Turing AI has optimized its ABM strategy, resulting in a remarkable 230% increase in email open rates, showcasing the effectiveness of targeted marketing in today's digital landscape. Turing AI Elevates Its ABM Approach Known for its cutting-edge AI solutions, Turing AI identified the need to refine its ABM strategy to connect more effectively with its target audience. "Our partnership with FlashIntel has been a game-changer. The FlashInfo platform has empowered us to enhance our ABM approach, allowing Turing AI to engage potential partners more efficiently," shared Yi Jin, Ph.D., the VP of Marketing and Demand Generation at Turing AI. FlashIntel's Pivotal Role in Turing AI's Success FlashIntel's expertise in ABM provided the tools and insights Turing AI required. The FlashInfo platform, with its state-of-the-art features, enabled Turing AI to identify and engage with the right prospects, ensuring a more targeted and impactful outreach. Impressive Outcomes for Turing AI The collaboration between Turing AI and FlashIntel has yielded significant results: - A substantial increase in email open rates from 20% to 66%. - An impressive boost in email deliverability rate from 92% to 99.7%. About FlashIntel FlashIntel stands at the forefront of go-to-market strategies, offering innovative solutions that drive business success. Their commitment to data-driven solutions has made them a preferred partner for industry leaders like Turing AI.

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