Terminus Launches New Curated Go-to-Market Data Solution

PRNewswire | March 23, 2023 | Read time : 08:00 min

Go-to-Market Data Solution

Terminus, the leading account centric platform for revenue growth, today launches Prospect Engine, a new data solution to uncover previously unknown, high-quality accounts and contacts showing in-market buying signals. Terminus has long been an ABM leader with deep roots in B2B marketing. Together with Bombora, the leader in B2B Intent data, Terminus now offers powerful data to the entire go-to-market (GTM) team coupled with best-in-breed advertising and the most native engagement channels available.

"Legacy data providers wreak havoc on go-to-market strategies with high volume, low accuracy data, resulting in inaccurate assumptions and wasted resources. It's essentially a modern version of a phone book," said Carter Lassy, chief product officer at Terminus.

"With Terminus Prospect Engine, we're offering a powerful caller ID that not only identifies incoming and missed calls, but most importantly, identifies and prioritizes the calls that need to happen next. With the highest quality in-market account and contact data mapped exactly to their ICPs, Terminus customers can better solve their go-to-market challenges and prioritize the right prospects and customers to deliver efficient revenue growth," said Lassy.

The new data solution from Terminus features:

  • Trustworthy B2B go-to-market data: Human-curated data eliminates the gaps and inaccuracies found with other data providers, as well as industry-leading contact recency with 90-day contact-level data verification.
  • Intelligent B2B graph: A signal-first graph of more than 8 million companies and 32 million decision-makers with full profile information is enriched with firmographics, technographics and contact details.
  • High-priority account and contact discovery: Companies and contacts outside of a CRM that meet a company's defined ICP and are showing in-market buying signals.
  • Market-leading intent data: Intent topics and research spikes identified by Bombora are ingested into the Terminus identity graph.

Bombora data will be available as a part of Terminus Prospect Engine: Account Discovery Premium Edition. For GTM teams looking to take the first step into identifying unknown accounts, Terminus will also offer a free edition of Prospect Engine leveraging first-party data. Terminus Prospect Engine: Account Discovery Free Edition identifies anonymous accounts visiting a customer's website via first-party data and prioritizes them via custom account scoring. While an account discovery service has long been available to Terminus customers, the company will now offer this entry-level account discovery option for free to all new and current customers.

"Terminus customers already leverage Bombora's reliable, relevant and regulation-compliant Intent data to create integrated ABM campaigns to their known accounts," said Erik Matlick, CEO and founder of Bombora. "By ingesting that data into Terminus' powerful graph and uncovering high-quality net new accounts, Terminus Prospect Engine unlocks an entirely new strategic advantage at a time when go-to-market teams need it most."

For more information about how Terminus helps go-to-market teams drive meaningful revenue impact, visit

About Terminus

Terminus is the leading account centric platform for revenue growth. Our mission is to empower go-to-market teams to drive revenue impact for a sustainable growth advantage. 1000+ customers, including Gainsight, Roche, and Dow Jones, have turned marketing into a growth engine with our industry-leading first-party data, B2B advertising, and multi-channel engagement platform. Terminus is proud to be G2 leader in ABM for 17 consecutive quarters. Visit to learn more or connect with us on LinkedIn.


Although e-signatures have been legally recognised for decades, some businesses have been reluctant to replace traditional ink-and-paper processes. But in the last two years, all of that changed. If you’re ready to let go of paper processes, you may have some questions about implementing e-signatures and if they can work for you


Although e-signatures have been legally recognised for decades, some businesses have been reluctant to replace traditional ink-and-paper processes. But in the last two years, all of that changed. If you’re ready to let go of paper processes, you may have some questions about implementing e-signatures and if they can work for you

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Publishers Gained ROI of 335% From Bombora’s Data: Total Economic Impact Report Study

EIN News | April 17, 2023

Bombora Company Surge® data can help publishers increase their CPMs 200% by demonstrating audience value — and can lift partner and campaign retention by 10%. Those are among the findings of a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Bombora. For the March 2023 study, “The Total Economic Impact™ of Bombora for Data Publishers,” Forrester interviewed two representatives of a business news publication that utilizes Bombora’s data. Forrester used this experience to project a three-year financial analysis. The interviewees’ organization gained access to deeper insights about its audience and site visitors. These insights helped the organization win more advertising deals, successfully raise prices, and measurably improve its partner and client retention. “[Bombora] provided incredible insights that allowed us to really deepen our relationships with our advertisers and even with internal team members,” said the director of partnerships at the business-news publication on whose experience the Total Economic Impact was calculated. “Just the efficiency that it’s created in their jobs has made a huge impact.” Among the quantifiable benefits the researchers noted: A CPM increase of 200% A 10% improvement in both partner and campaign retention A higher advertising-campaign win rate Improved team productivity amounting to 425 recaptured hours annually The representatives’ organization expects a gain of $4.35 million over three years versus costs of $1 million — adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $3.35 million and an ROI of 335%. Among the benefits that were harder to quantify, but just as notable: Access to data and insights to improve the organization’s content strategy Data to enable report automation Improved customer and employee satisfaction Premiums on products beyond ABM CPM Strategic and innovation partnership “Publishers need to demonstrate the value of their audiences to current and prospective advertisers,” said Bombora co-founder and CEO Erik Matlick. “In confirming that Bombora’s firmographic and behavioral insights raise CPMs by 200% and increase partner and campaign retention by 10%, we believe this independent analysis confirms Bombora’s innovative approach to validating publisher audiences.” Bombora provides behavioral data to digital publishing organizations to help them understand their audiences’ profiles and behaviors across the business internet. Bombora sources its data from a proprietary consent-based data cooperative that includes more than 5,000 B2B websites to provide Intent data and purchase insights at scale. Eighty-two percent of the co-op publisher logos provide data exclusively to Bombora, and all member sites follow industry-standard data-compliance measures. About Bombora Bombora tells businesses which companies are researching their products and services. With this understanding, sales and marketing teams can be more relevant and consistent and improve performance across all activities. This intent-driven approach revolutionizes the way businesses market and sell to other businesses through transparent data built on an ecosystem of quality, collaboration and innovation. With direct integrations with dozens of leading data and media-buying platforms, Bombora is building a world in which business buyers value sales and marketing for its relevance, timeliness and accuracy. To learn more, visit

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Insider launches Integration Hub, WhatsApp Commerce and more than 20 new features to help businesses scale and future-proof their CX

PR Newswire | April 13, 2023

Insider—a marketing platform for delivering individualized, cross-channel customer experiences—launched over 20 industry-leading features this quarter, including their Integration Hub, WhatsApp Commerce, Eureka — personalized search on web, Web Push support for Mac Safari, iOS, and iPadOS, and more. These advancements aim to help businesses future-proof their customer experience and propel revenue from one centralized platform. Insider helps over 1,200 leading enterprise brands and high-growth startups—including Samsung, Pizza Hut, Clarins, Madeira Madeira, Marks & Spencer, Virgin, Burger King, Toyota, Singapore Airlines, CNN, Lenovo, and MAC — accelerate digital growth and create delightful customer experiences by connecting data across channels, predicting future behavior with AI, and individualizing experiences. To support changing user behavior and a fast-changing economy, Insider launched a range of new products and features to deliver more value to businesses by leveraging the power of their existing tech stack. This quarter, Insider delivered innovative solutions to amplify channel capabilities and help brands treat every touchpoint as a revenue driver and opportunity for conversion. Introducing Insider's Integration Hub Offering over 100 tools and connectors, Insider's Integration Hub means brands can now integrate their existing tech stack with Insider to increase operational efficiency, unify their data, and elevate their customer experiences. This new launch aims to help businesses scale their customer experiences (CX) seamlessly by integrating with pre-selected tools or opting for custom integrations with APIs. Insider's Integration Hub offers integrations across more than 20 categories, including CRM, Analytics, Ads, Social Media, and more—allowing businesses to combine the power of their martech stack and create highly individualized experiences for users with unified data. WhatsApp Commerce: Create end-to-end conversational buying experiences within WhatsApp Insider's biggest launch of the quarter was WhatsApp Commerce—following the recent acquisition of MindBehind and becoming an official Meta Business Solutions Partner (BSP). Insider now offers 360-degree WhatsApp solutions starting from WhatsApp Business account creation, template approval, campaign creation, opt-in templates, segmentation, personalization, reporting, and more. With this launch, consumers can discover, browse and buy products, and engage with businesses — right within the app where they spend most of their time — and in the conversational style they use with their friends and family. WhatsApp Commerce allows businesses to deliver immersive web-style experiences within WhatsApp, combined with the power of two-way conversational messaging. This pioneering technology will enable businesses to create seamless buying experiences, from sending personalized promotions, capturing leads, and launching products to delivering post-purchase confirmations and loyalty experiences. Businesses in any industry can benefit from WhatsApp Commerce, since the app is now the most popular messaging channel in the world, with over 2 billion active users and an open rate of 99%. It provides opportunities to improve product discovery, increase sales, uplift AOV, optimize CAAC, increase CLTV, and improve repeat purchases by running niche campaigns like product launches for retail, flight reminders with ancillary sales for travel, lead generation tools like interest calculators for banking and finance, and test drive booking forms for automotive, enabling users to complete their goal with fewer clicks and no redirects. "Insider's WhatsApp Commerce has fundamentally changed how we interact with our customers. We are now able to meet our audience where they already are and offer complete order booking experiences at the touch of a button within their favorite app. Insider's WhatsApp Commerce allows us to build more personalized and conversational purchase experiences for our audience as an extension of our promotional campaigns — allowing them to leverage our offers, browse our menu, and place an order without leaving WhatsApp. This has significantly reduced cart abandonment by 61% and improved our monthly average order value by 38%." - E-commerce Director, Food Retailer With WhatsApp Commerce, brands can leverage templates like product cards, category lists, catalogs, conversational flows, rich CTA messages, payment integrations and more to influence customers. Integrate with CDPs to unify data and scale experiences Businesses can now leverage Insider's most popular CDP integrations, such as Segment, Tealium, and mParticle to exchange user events and audience data to activate deeper segmentation on Insider. These integrations empower brands to provide hyper-personalized recommendations based on user data, and leverage offline user data, loyalty scores, purchase history, and category preferences to create highly relevant online experiences. Reduce CAC with personalized remarketing on social media platforms like Tiktok and Facebook Businesses can now deliver powerful remarketing campaigns on channels like Google Ads, Tiktok, Facebook Ads, and Facebook offline advertising by leveraging user actions on Web, App, and other channels, supported by Insider. TikTok's popularity makes it one of the best choices for different verticals including retail, banking, finance, travel, and automotive brands to remarket and re-engage their visitors and users. Insider's AI-powered segmentation empowers businesses to leverage over 25 algorithms to create razor-sharp segments based on user behavior. And, with Insider's one-click TikTok integration, businesses can send these fine-tuned segments to TikTok to reduce CAC and accelerate engagement. Fast integration, seamless connections, increased efficiency Other popular integrations include a plug-and-play connection with Shopify, two-way data connections with analytics tools like Mixpanel and Amplitude, connection with CRM tools like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Hubspot, retail apps, productivity tools, and support solutions like Zendesk and more. ''Insider's team proactively supported us during the integration process, suggesting best practices that will help us squeeze more out of their platform. With Insider, our whole marketing process has been greatly simplified, and it is this, along with the admirable tech support, that makes them a great choice for us at LEGO.' - Marketing and eCommerce Manager at LEGO Eureka: Personalize search results for online shoppers with AI-led recommendations Eureka is a product discovery platform that enables brands to curate intelligent, relevant, and faster search experiences by showing personalized recommendations powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. Search results on Eureka reflect every shopper's unique interests and affinities, such as their preferred brands, sizes, styles, and colors. The most relevant products for each user are ranked and displayed at the top of the search results to assist shoppers in discovering their favorite products faster than ever before. "We love the feature of predicting search terms and displaying search results that are unique to each user based on their affinity. It is one of the coolest features we have on our website, which really helps us stand apart from our competition." - Ecommerce Director, Eveshop Eureka's advanced faceting filters and sorting capabilities help improve search precision and speed up product discovery by allowing shoppers to filter products based on characteristics and attributes. Increase subscriber reach with Web Push for Safari users on Mac, iOS, and iPad Following Apple's recent beta launch of Web Push for home screen web apps for iOS and iPadOS 16.4, Insider is extending Web Push support for these devices. This launch means that push notifications from web apps on iOS and iPad will now show up on the Lock Screen, in the Notification Center, and on paired Apple Watches, assuring higher open and click-through rates for brands. Now, notifications from web apps will work exactly like notifications from other apps. Brands will soon be able to send push notifications to Safari web apps on users' home screens for hand-held devices—even when the app isn't open. This means marketers can expand their audience reach to over 1.5 billion active iOS users and iPad users with personalized push notifications. Recognized as the #1 Leader in integrations, mobile marketing, personalization, and CDP categories by G2 G2 Spring Reports confirmed Insider as the #1 Leader in multiple categories, recognized by users for their industry-leading capabilities and fast time to value. 98% of Insider's customers believe the product is heading in the right direction, with 96% open to recommending them to prospects looking for an AI-led cross-channel journey orchestration solution, mobile-first strategy, and integration capabilities. Insider will continue to focus on empowering businesses to craft individualized experiences with richer capabilities, faster execution, and higher results — keeping customer preferences and unified customer data at the crux of these experiences. Get in touch with Insider's growth consultants for a personalized demo to discover how Insider can help you overcome your toughest growth challenges. Follow Insider on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook About Insider Insider helps global brands and marketers across industries connect data from multiple channels, predict the future behavior of their customers with AI, and deliver individualized experiences on any channel. Learn more at:

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Anteriad Named a Strong Performer in B2B Intent Data Provider Research

GlobeNewswire | May 31, 2023

Global B2B marketing solution provider Anteriad today announced that they have been named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Intent Data Providers, Q2 2023. In the report, Forrester notes that Intent Data Providers included “must demonstrate their proprietary means of collecting either second- or third-party intent signals. Forrester did not include pure data aggregators or resellers that don’t offer proprietary data.” Forrester notes that companies should look for providers that meet the distinct needs of their marketing and sales use cases, offer incremental insights with unique collection methodologies and align with their geographic coverage requirements. Anteriad earned a 5, the highest possible score, in seven criteria including: Innovation Data security and compliance Accuracy and noise filtering Data delivery The Forrester report evaluated the 14 most significant Intent Data providers against current offering, strategy and market presence criteria to help marketers to identify the companies most aligned with their needs. Forrester notes that, “Anteriad is a full-service marketing execution partner leveraging diverse intent signals.” The Forrester report also states that Anteriad’s “diverse set of captured intent signal types, advanced noise filtering, strong options for data delivery, and outstanding achievement in data security and privacy certifications strengthen its current offering.” Forrester also writes, “Innovation is a strength, including advancements in future-proofed, compliant capture of their proprietary signals, a strong B2B identity graph, and a clear strategy for enabling customers to leverage intent in increasingly mature ways.” The report continues, “Reference customers highlighted its service and support, data accuracy, and level of granular detail available in its campaign targeting.” “We believe that being named a Strong Performer validates our diverse intent signals, data quality and accuracy. This Forrester Wave for Intent Data Providers highlights for us our focus on bringing innovative and effective solutions to our customers. We continue to add breadth and depth, as well as global coverage, to our offering while maintaining our focus on quality and accuracy, giving B2B marketers more opportunities to get in front of their next customers faster,” said Rob Sanchez, CEO at Anteriad. About Anteriad Anteriad puts B2B marketers in front of their next customer and ahead of their competition. Companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Forbes, SHRM, and Lenovo have benefited from our high-fidelity B2B buyer data, full and self-service multichannel execution, tele-based conversion services, analytics, and expert advisory to generate impactful ROI multiples. Our award-winning Anteriad Marketing Cloud platform tracks more than 500 billion buyer-related signals each month. BNZSA, our international division, delivers GDPR-compliant data and qualified prospects directly to sales teams with BDRs that offer local expertise in 26 languages. Start creating your future today – get to know us at

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