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VITAL4 Appoints Todd McCormick as Chief Revenue Officer

Todd McCormick
Vital4, a woman-owned SaaS data technology company specializing in global screening for risk management, is pleased to announce the appointment of Todd McCormick as its Chief Revenue Officer. Todd is a seasoned CRO, with over 20 years of experience as a top performer and sales leader. Todd brings a highly successful track record in scaling companies both domestically and internationally and thrives within the dynamics of high-growth technology companies. Prior to joining Vital4, Todd was the CRO at Atlanta-based Terminus, an account-based marketing software platform, where he successfully grew its business by over 420% in less than three years. Before Terminus, Todd held the role of SVP of Worldwide Sales for Silverpop where he nearly doubled its business in less than two years prior to the acquisition by IBM. Proceeding his success with Silverpop, he was the VP of Sales at PGi and the President of the Recruiter Business Unit and Canadian Operations at CareerBuilder.



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Account Based Data

Acxiom's Expertise Accelerates the Value of AI for Marketers

Business Wire | October 30, 2023

Acxiom, the customer intelligence company, unveils its AI investment to help the world's leading brands implement Salesforce AI technologies. Acxiom's AI expertise can help brands deploy Salesforce Einstein and Data Cloud to boost the strategic value of their data, resulting in data-driven customer insights and business outcomes for marketers. As a Salesforce partner, Acxiom provides end-to-end solutions spanning strategy, technology, and data, enabling clients to strategically implement, operate, and optimize Marketing Cloud and Data Cloud. Acxiom’s team of certified Salesforce professionals can help marketers implement Einstein for: Personalization: Tailoring content for precision engagement and guiding product recommendations, next-best actions, and focused campaigns. Data Analysis & Insights: Accelerating data processing and analysis through deepcustomer intelligencefor spot-onaudience insightsand data-driven decisioning. Customer Segmentation: Applying advanced algorithms to fine-tune audience segments based on criteria ranging from demographics to purchasing patterns. Customer Support: Offering always-on chat assistance to elevate customer satisfaction by reducing response times. Marketing Optimization: Utilizing real-time analytics to refine message delivery, analyze engagement metrics, and pinpoint the best times for communication. Marketing Automation: Streamlining tasks from data preparation to campaign rollouts, ensuring efficiency and consistency. As an integral part of modern business operations, Acxiom is proud to collaborate with Salesforce, said Chad Engelgau, CEO at Acxiom. Our clients trust us to maximize the value of their martech investments. Intensifying our focus on Salesforce's AI capabilities underlines this promise. Salesforce recognized Acxiom with a 2023 Partner Innovation award for its work serving travel industry clients within the Salesforce ecosystem. Acxiom also recently became one of only four Salesforce partners worldwide to achieve Full Stack certification on Salesforce's Marketing Cloud. About Acxiom Acxiom partners with the world's leading brands to create customer intelligence, enabling data-driven marketing experiences that generate value for people and for brands. The experts in identity, the ethical use of data, cloud-first customer data management, and analytics solutions, Acxiom makes the complex marketing ecosystem work, applying customer intelligence wherever brands and customers meet. By helping brands genuinely understand people, Acxiom enables experiences so relevant and respectful, people are willing to explore new brands and stay loyal to those they love. For more than 50 years, Acxiom has improved clients' customer acquisition, growth, and retention. With locations in the US, UK, China, Poland, and Germany, Acxiom is a registered trademark of Acxiom LLC and is part of The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. (IPG). For more information, visit Acxiom.com.

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Demandbase Unveils Most Robust Multi-Language Intent Solution for B2B

Demandbase | September 11, 2023

Demandbase launched a cutting-edge multi-language intent solution that supports more than 130 languages, including non-Latin alphabets. The company already processes more than one trillion English intent signals per month, and the inclusion of non-English intent signals represents hundreds of billions of additional signals available to customers. Using sophisticated natural language processing (NLP), this innovation enables B2B organizations to collect accurate intent signals from global markets, thus accelerating revenue generation and sales alignment. Demandbase, a prominent Smarter go-to-market (GMT) company that leverages AI to assist B2B organizations in hitting their revenue goals has announced the introduction of an innovative multi-language intent solution. Utilizing advanced natural language processing (NLP), this ground-breaking solution supports 133 languages, including alphabets other than Latin. It enables B2B organizations to collect precise intent signals from global markets, thereby accelerating revenue generation and improving sales alignment. Given that 46.1% of internet content is written in a language other than English, this substantially expands the company's intent offering. As the very first provider to offer non-English intent in such an extensive list of languages, Demandbase assists customers in identifying authentic buying signals from their target market, wherever their target market is in the world. With a non-English focus, Demandbase supports the most extensively used online languages around the world, including Arabic, French, Danish, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Hindi, Korean, Spanish, Norwegian, and Swedish, among others. This solution offers multibyte assistance, which allows it to understand non-Latin characters. In addition, it utilizes natural language processing, which means it understands context and relevance, allowing the platform to not only assess one intent behavior over another but also reduce false positives while maximizing accuracy. Marcelo Lima, Brand Marketing Coordinator at Comau do Brasil, said, We are thrilled that Demandbase is now providing multi-language intent because we have seen how powerful Demandbase intent is in our English-speaking markets. Now we can tap into the significant Italian search volume and web traffic we have been seeing, and our marketing manager in Brazil will be over the moon to have Portuguese available. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] Demandbase already processes more than one trillion English intent signals per month, and the inclusion of non-English intent implies hundreds of billions of additional signals available to customers. This means the company can now act as a worldwide intent data supplier for its customers, leveraging its roughly 550,000 English and non-English keywords to stimulate more efficient and personalized sales and marketing actions across global markets. Also, the Demandbase Piper B2B DSP will entirely utilize non-English intent. This will substantially boost the impressions of intent-based advertising that can be served in international markets. This makes all Demandbase campaigns even more targeted toward purchasing groups and ensures that digital marketers all over the world will reap the benefits of increased advertising effectiveness. Brewster Stanislaw, Chief Product Officer at Demandbase, mentioned, We have listened to our increasing international customer base and have delivered an incredible addition to our global Account Intelligence. This means that our customers can now target as accurately in non-English-speaking markets as they have been accustomed to in English-speaking markets, making their marketing and sales decisions more effective and accurate. It also means less waste in GMT efforts, increasing efficiency in budget, time, and resources. [Source – Cision PR Newswire]

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Targeted Account Strategy

Anteriad Receives 2023 Cloud Computing Stratus Accolade

Anteriad | September 25, 2023

Anteriad has been presented with 2023 Stratus award for cloud computing, recognizing innovation in cloud technology. Anteriad's cutting-edge Anteriad marketing cloud solution propels it to stratus award win. Industry-leading data empowers b2b marketers: Anteriad's precision and global reach applauded. Business Intelligence group acknowledges Anteriad's role in advancing cloud infrastructure. Anteriad's AI-driven marketing technology puts b2b marketers at the forefront of innovation. Anteriad has been honored with the prestigious 2023 Stratus Award for Cloud Computing by The Business Intelligence Group as a testament to its innovative approach to harnessing cloud technologies. This annual business award program recognizes organizations, products, and individuals that excel in delivering distinctive solutions that leverage the power of cloud computing. Anteriad's exceptional achievement stems from its cutting-edge Anteriad Marketing Cloud solution, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of B2B Marketers. This accolade underscores Anteriad's commitment to advancing cloud-based solutions and highlights its pivotal role in driving innovation within the industry. Anteriad empowers the B2B sector with industry-leading data characterized by purpose-built, highly trusted, compliant, campaign-ready attributes and global reach. This unparalleled offering provides B2B marketing leaders with unmatched depth and scale, coupled with hyper granularity, ensuring precision and effectiveness in their campaigns. Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer of Business Intelligence Group, mentioned, Anteriad is one of the leaders in the cloud, helping to develop the infrastructure we need to store and host the data and applications driving our society. We are so proud to recognize all of the winners in this year’s award program. [Source – GlobeNewswire] Ken Lordy, Chief Product Officer at Anteriad, expressed their excitement at winning a Stratus Award for Cloud Computing for their Anteriad Marketing Cloud solution. He highlighted how their fusion of extensive, high-quality data and AI-driven marketing technology positions their B2B marketing clientele at the forefront. Lordy emphasized that Anteriad's technology capabilities, shaped by the demands of contemporary B2B marketers, form the bedrock of their global offerings. Anteriad Marketing Cloud's robust solution empowers customers with exclusive, pertinent B2B data and invaluable insights into their target prospects. A pathway to remarkable enhancements in lead quality, precise identification and expansion of buying groups, amplified pipeline performance, and, most significantly, the cultivation of new business opportunities. Additionally, Anteriad's extensive, diverse, and deeply sourced intent data has proven instrumental in the success of campaigns spanning email marketing, demand generation, and programmatic channels.

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