The 2023 Braze Global Customer Engagement Review is here!


Brands embracing cross-channel customer engagement strategies see higher engagement and ROI. But as retention becomes a business-critical focus in today’s challenging market, how can your brand build stronger relationships?

Find out in the 2023 Braze Global Customer Engagement Review. We tasked Wakefield Research to conduct a survey to assess shifts in customer engagement trends over the past three years, what to expect next year, and why brands need to prioritize retaining customers, improved data management, and unifying siloedteams now more than ever. Explore this year’s review and gain campaign strategies from leading brands to tackle today’s customer engagement challenges.

In this exclusive Braze review, uncover:

  • The top three trends shaping customer engagement in 2023
  • Opportunities companies can seize for growth by industry
  • Winning campaigns leading brands use to drive stronger business outcomes, and the tactics behind them

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