October 28, 2020 | (10AM)
What’s next for ABM? Which strategies, tactics, and teams will work best amid the fluid and fast-changing environment that defines our post-COVID future? The uncertainties we face put a premium on agile teaming and operations, but we still need to sketch out post-pandemic priorities for the year ahead. Where should we place our bets?
Fortunately, the definitive ITSMA and ABM Leadership Alliance benchmark study provides essential insight and direction for ABM program leaders and practitioners gearing up for 2021.
Join ITSMA’s Rob Leavitt and a stellar lineup of ABM experts to dig into the hot-off-the-press data from the fourth annual ABM benchmark study. We’ll share new insight on program shifts since the pandemic hit, emerging priorities and trends for next year, and what’s working right now with campaign tactics, collaboration with sales, updated ABM metrics, and more.