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How ABM Stacks the Deck Against Hustle

January 25, 2018 / Jaxson Khan

Until about a year ago, the established doctrine in sales was pretty clear. It was all about “hustle”. More emails, more voicemails, more cold outreach. At first, when buyers didn’t know that it was all automated, it worked. However as buyers quickly realized that the “did you get my email”, “just wanted to check in” and “are you being chased by zombies” emails were just more automation, the effectiveness dropped dramatically.To keep overall meeting counts where they needed to be, only one option was left: even more volume. That meant even longer sequences, and even more people being mass-targeted.If you assume that your market is essentially infinite, this approach might work. There will always be thousands more buyers to add to the hopper, so there are no ramifications to burning more and more buyers with the process. ABM, however, does not and cannot make that assumption.