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8 Tips for Effective Marketing Automation (Part 1)

February 01, 2018 / Steve Hamm

The amount of technology a modern business has to deal with, even a small one, is becoming overwhelming. The ability to connect to your customers and complete sales online means that suddenly your potential customer base goes from the few thousand people near where your business was founded to millions of people around the world who may be interested in your products or services. While the entire world may be the oyster for your marketing team, this also means that they have millions of potential leads to consider. Who will be responsive? What will create conversions? These are no longer private tasks for individuals but huge ones involving reams of data that only a computer could process and make decisions from effectively.That’s where marketing automation comes in. Just as the financial department has special software to keep track of the thousands of business transactions each year, now your marketing team can focus on improving the quality of your sales funnel or building a n...