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Sales and Marketing Alignment: Why You Need to Figure it Out

February 01, 2018 / Stacey Danheiser

In today’s omnichannel world where potential buyers get lots of product and company information online, it is crucial that sales and marketing are aligned to customer needs. CEB research showed that B2B buyers tend to be over 60% of the way through the sales process before they contact a salesperson.Effective alignment generates more revenue for your company and prevents millions of dollars being wasted on ineffective content and stalled deals. Did you know that misalignment between marketing and sales costs companies $1 trillion a year in lost productivity and leads? While their aligned counterparts achieve 20% annual revenue growth.Shake Marketing and Huthwaite International recently conducted a global survey amongst marketing and sales leaders to assess what the best companies are doing to align these two functions. The survey looked at 26 different factors including the nature of the relationship between sales and marketing, how the two functions work together, the contributi...