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Account-Based Marketing Trends: Top Channels, Priorities, and Challenges

February 13, 2018 / Ayaz Nanji

Marketers say personalized content is the most effective digital channel they use for engaging account-based marketing (ABM) accounts, according to recent research from Ascend2. The report was based on data from a survey of 253 marketing influencers (53% work for B2B firms, 28% for B2C firms, and 19% for hybrid, B2B-B2C firms). Respondents were polled on how they use account-based marketing, which refers to the approach of targeting individual prospect/customer accounts as markets of one, rather than targeting wider groups/verticals. Some 52% of marketers say personalized content is an effective account-based marketing digital channel, 49% say segmented email is an effective channel, and 45% say social media is an effective channel. Respondents say their top ABM priorities in 2018 are to align Sales and Marketing initiatives, to attribute marketing efforts to revenue.