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State of Marketing 2018 and How to Reach Today’s Omnichannel Consumers

March 05, 2018 / Larisa Bedgood

Marketing is breaking new boundaries as data continues to grow at remarkable paces and technology is changing faster than we can keep up. Marketing executives are now spending approximately one-third of their budgets on channels they didn’t even know existed 5 years ago. They expect that average to reach 40% in just a couple of years’ time. This is according to the “State of Marketing” report recently released by Salesforce. The research tracked 10 digital marketing channels, finding that websites (83%), social media marketing (77%) and email marketing (75%) are currently being used the most. In fact, email marketing almost doubled in usage in the past 2 years. As far as growth among emerging channels, growth has been fastest for video advertising (176%), SMS/text messaging (142%), mobile apps (135%) and native advertising / sponsored content (113%).