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How to Improve Customer Retention Through Marketing Tactics

March 07, 2018 / b2bmarketingzone

Whether you sell a one time product or a long term service, customer retention needs to be a top priority. After all, you’ve spent tons of time and money to get people to buy your product, why would you throw all of that away? Every customer becomes a valuable asset to your business, either in the form of referrals and repeat purchases. Yet, many companies fall flat when it comes to retaining customers, especially businesses that sell one time products. They assume that have a customer service department is all you need to retain customers, but that’s only the first step. People only contact customer support when something is wrong, but just because the product works as intended doesn’t mean you’ve retained them. A customer who is actively interested in your company is one who will refer others to you and, if possible, buy other products. Customer support isn’t enough; your marketing team must get involved. Here’s how your marketing can improve custo...