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How to Partner with Larger Brands to Grow Your Small Marketing Agency

March 17, 2018 / Joe Ribaudo

Partnering with a larger company is like having a tall older sibling: they can give you a leg up to reach the treats on those higher shelves. For your business, those treats could be new customers that you’re not normally reaching, new ways of looking at your target market, and drawing on the reputation of the more established brand to convince more customers to work with you. Once you start gaining new partnerships with other businesses, others are sure to follow. Just like a sibling’s friends are often your friends too, brand partnerships will attract more brand partnerships. A well-known company’s network of potential customers and other companies can eventually become yours with the right partnership. Like your sibling vouching for you to friends, you can piggyback on a partner brand’s trusted reputation and stand out to potential clients through co-branding. A trusted reputation could open doors you never knew were even there.