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Transforming and Scaling Your Business with Artificial Intelligence in B2B Sales and Marketing

April 05, 2018 / Mitul Makadia

Every year, new advancements within the technology space have assisted businesses by creating new opportunities for customer outreach. Over the last couple years, the B2B space has noticed real potential in incorporating Artificial Intelligence in Marketing, however, there is still a significant lag in adoption. Even though marketers have tested the waters when it comes to machine learning algorithms, there is still major ground to be covered when it comes to predictive analytics, personalization, statistical analysis as well as lead generation. Given its potential, Artificial Intelligence in B2B sales and marketing is here to transform the way people interact with brands, information and services. A good handful of enterprise giants dread the idea of automating their marketing functions with the use of AI, however, by measuring the effect of AI in the customer service industry, one can affirm that understanding customer nuance and deriving insights from relevant customer data will not...