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Facebook: It’s Complicated

April 09, 2018 / Laura Donovan

I realized that Facebook would be a gamechanger for marketing when I joined. As with most folks, I added the information that I was comfortable sharing. For example, I indicated that I was a bird watcher and artist. When I opened my news feed and found an ad for a birding event in my area. I called a friend, who hadn’t heard about the event. We decided to go. Later, there was an ad for a company called Cheap Joe’s. It offered art supplies at discounted prices. I bought a tube of paint and have been a satisfied customer ever since. Without Facebook, I may never have known about these things. I understood that I was “targeted.” I am okay with that type of targeting. When Facebook began to offer ads that used member information, I spent a lot of time talking to business groups about how to capitalize on this platform. What I told my audience was that Facebook’s business model was to allow access to information freely given by its members (who had signed up fo...