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Does Content Marketing Still Matter for Your Business in 2018?

April 11, 2018 / Mitchel Sinon

So much has changed in the past decade. Just ten years ago, iPads didn’t exist, the most popular cell phones still had slide-out keyboards, and mobile-optimized websites were virtually unheard of. The online environment has to be one of the most dramatically different aspects of our culture. With the constant evolution of online standards, requirements, and design aspects, a certain question has grown in popularity: Is content marketing dead as we know it? Countless articles have been written recently with some variation of the title, “Content Marketing is Dead.” Marketers, business owners, and bloggers all seem to agree that online writing is outdated and getting replaced by other forms of marketing. So, does content marketing still matter for businesses in 2018? The answer depends on how you define it, because the right type of content marketing is not only alive and well, it’s more relevant than ever before.