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The Most Successful B2B Organizations in Social Media Marketing

April 16, 2018 / Beatrice McGraw

According to a survey conducted recently, most of the businesses in the United Kingdom alone are using the marketing tool for social media, with the most known reasons for creating awareness among the brand, motivating social sharing, and attaining the follower’s trust and recognition. Social media has undoubtedly contributed a lot in being an effective sales and marketing channel for many organizations, even though most of the times many firms face a lot of problems in scraping out the most precise ROI. However, these statistics only accumulate for a small amount of the leads and traffic for B2B websites in the United States as per the data reports suggested by Optify. In total, social media sums up to 2 percent of the traffic in contrast to the 41 percent for the organic search and safe trading guide. Even when researching and pointing out the essentials of social marketing, I have researched a few examples of B2B organizations that have gained a considerable amount of success ...