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How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy That Delivers Hot Leads

April 16, 2018 / Guy Little

A content marketing strategy is dead in the water if it can’t deliver significant sales-ready leads. How good is your content strategy? The B2B sales cycle has undergone a complete change and the length of the B2B sales cycle is shrinking as prospects engage later after doing their own research. With the move online, marketing has an even more important role to play in capturing prospects’ attention as they do their research in order to generate, nurture and deliver more sales-ready leads. This means taking a new approach to how leads are managed, scored and measured and to the steps taken to move prospects along the sales funnel. Today’s marketers have to provide significant amounts of content in order to pull prospects in and keep them engaged. While content such as case studies, white papers and blogs on your company website have a big part to play in this, developing a ‘micro content’ strategy is also key.