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The GDPR Compliance is Coming into Play – Are You Ready For It?

April 18, 2018 / Jocelyn Calderon-Arroyo

Personal data plays a big role in day to day business operations. With the expansion of the world wide web and its capabilities, security is a topic of interest for all business owners across the globe. On May 25th, 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will establish a new framework for handling and protecting the personal data of European Based residents. To sum up this new regulation, we have put together everything you need to know to keep your business compliant and running securely. First, let’s go through a brief background of GDPR and exactly what it is. The main goal of GDPR is to bring data privacy laws across Europe up to speed with the rapid technological changes that have occurred over the last two decades. Your first thought to this may be that you’re not a European resident, so there’s no need to learn more about GDPR. Wrong! The new GDPR regulation will affect any business who offers goods or services to, or monitors the behaviour of EU d...