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6 Mobile Marketing Trends You Need to Know About

April 06, 2018 / Megan Totka

The concept of the mobile industry is steadily shifting, and the year 2018 is the time for marketers and brands to work on building meaningful consumer moments in the mobile space. It’s the time to cater to the growth of consumers who grab their smartphones as their first – and often only – device. Take a look at these 6 tips that are key components to successful mobile marketing. Progressive web apps are an up-and-coming technology that responds quickly to user interactions with smooth animation and works for every user regardless of browser choice. Experts consider these apps to be the next big thing for mobile. By 2020, it’s anticipated that progressive web apps will replace 50 percent of general-purpose apps for mobile. Late in 2016, Google announced that it would no longer index websites based on their desktop sites, but based on mobile sites. This means that a mobile presence needs to reflect excellent content, pages must load quickly, buttons need to work...