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7 Stunning Video Advertising Campaigns (and Why They Worked)

April 24, 2018 / Lydia Cockerham

On the one hand, video, the undisputed king of digital content, is now easier to create and spread to your audience than ever before thanks to social channels and ad networks. On the other, everybody’s getting involved with video advertising. You need to create something truly excellent, perfectly tailored to your audience, to stand out. It might take some forethought, but a powerful video advert (or a whole series of them) is one of the most effective ways of getting through to a very specific segment of people where they already spend their time online. No matter where your leads might be in the marketing funnel, it’s a surefire method of communicating your message and keeping them engaged. And considering it takes at least seven touches to turn a potential customer into a qualified sales lead, you should be planning your consistent message across channels of all kinds, including ads. Here are 7 wonderful video advertising campaigns from businesses and brands, plus the st...