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Market Better Product Launches with Social Media

April 30, 2018 / Courtney Allbee

Movies don’t come out in theaters without a trailer first. Music albums don’t come out in stores or on iTunes without releasing a single first. So why should your new product be any different? Without movie trailers, we wouldn’t really know the actual movie was even out or what to expect. The same goes for that first single hit off an upcoming album. These standards are designed to get consumers interested and excited for what’s to come. When it comes to launching a new product, social media is an amazing tool marketers can use to build that interest and excitement. Check out these creative ways you can market a product launch using social media. Prior to launching your product, you’ll want to get your audience excited with some creative teasers. Spark your audience’s interest with some sneak-peek type content. Taylor Swift is a PR genius who successfully did this prior to launching her Reputation album. The brilliant artist got the whole world talki...