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3 Steps to Writing Nonprofit Email Campaigns

August 05, 2018 / Stephanie French

As a nonprofit, your schedule is more than jam-packed but now is the time to sit down and write an email for your marketing efforts. Your goal of this email is to tell a story that builds a connection and inspires your supporters to take action. You’ve probably figured out the topic for your email, but still, need to develop the content. This can seem intimidating when you don’t know where to start. We’ve got you covered! This simple 3-step formula will take the stress out of writing email campaigns. Whether you’re asking for donations or writing an informational email, just answer the question listed for each of the following steps. As the largest text of your email, the headline should state your purpose so that people understand what your message is about. It should be a quick line of text that encourages your contacts to read further. Check out this headline that Loveland Charity used. They wanted to let their supporters know about their upcoming volunteer o...