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Your Content Marketing Might Not Work If You Use the Biggest Words

August 06, 2018 / Graham Jones

If Little Red Riding Hood were reading much of the material on the web these days, she’d say “My goodness Grandma, what big words you are using.” Wherever you look, the Internet is full of massive words. Much business writing which makes up the bulk of “content marketing” is formal, stuffy and full of long words. The idea behind this is to make the writing appear professional and to avoid people thinking that the business itself is too lax and informal. The problem is this. When we see big words, we stumble and slow down. That leads to misunderstanding, even if we manage to wade through the material. Mostly, people give up when they see long words. They can’t be bothered to waste their time. And it’s not just big words that dominate the Internet; it’s long sentences too. Many businesses seem to think that they only appear “proper” if their text has loads of long sentences with plenty of subclauses.