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Marketing analytics platform CaliberMind launches ABM Converter

August 08, 2018 / Levine

The new offering lets marketers convert their current platforms to account-based marketing, at what CaliberMind says is a fraction of the time or cost. Over the last few years, a variety of vendors have offered account-based marketing (ABM) capabilities as standalone or as additions to their existing platforms. While ABM uses spears, the metaphor goes, traditional lead-based sales use nets. In ABM, salespeople develop approaches, for instance, toward different IBM departments, focusing on their specific histories, needs, and decision-making hierarchy. Each corporate account, as one observer noted, is treated “as its own market.” By contrast, traditional lead-based sales deal with individuals, and then sometimes makes connections between all the individuals who work at IBM. Marketo is an example of an existing platform that added some ABM capabilities when it bought Insightera in 2013, and then it boosted those functions in 2016. Other vendors, like Demandbase and Engagio, o...