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Engagio Announces ABM Smart Tools

August 09, 2018 / Sam Del Rowe

Engagio recently announced the release of ABM Smart Tools, a suite of account-based marketing features designed to help marketers increase engagement and improve target account health across multiple account funnels.“ABM is such a powerful strategy, and Engagio helps companies actually understand comprehensively what the engagement is at all of their accounts and at the account level. But it’s still hard for marketers to quickly understand or quickly pull together a lot of data on the progression of key accounts,” says Chandra Patel, head of product marketing at Engagio. With Smart Tools, the goal is to be “able to comprehensively understand account health across the entire funnel as well as really being able to take that information to make rapid decisions, because information is great, but what we really care about is delivering action,” Patel adds. One way Smart Tools enables firms to quickly assess target accounts is through an ABM scorecard feature, w...