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EZ Texting Refocuses on Core Brand to Deliver Powerful Mobile Messaging to Businesses

December 05, 2018 / PRNEWSWIRE

EZ Texting, the leader in mobile marketing for business, announced it is consolidating all its communication brands, including CallFire, under EZ Texting. This move reflects the growing importance of text messaging as a business communications solution and supports the rapid growth of the company’s flagship text messaging platform used by small and medium-sized businesses to more effectively reach their customers. EZ Texting is revolutionizing how businesses personally connect with their audience. The company currently serves over 50,000 customers, consistently reaching over 40% of U.S. mobile users through its massively scalable platform. As the leader in the mobile messaging space, EZ Texting distinguishes itself by providing customers with a rich suite of communication tools that are simple to use and require no technical expertise to implement.