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Tappx Partners with Pixalate to Guard Against Connected TV/OTT Ad Fraud

January 10, 2019 / MTS STAFF WRITER

Tapps has partnered with Pixalate in order to offer advanced invalid traffic detection technology for its over-the-top (OTT) services. The global Tappx solutions, which will be enhanced by Pixalate technology, includes ‘Ad-Replacement’ services for digital TV, ‘Dynamic Ad Insertions’ (DAI), digital TV ad time slot detection and insertion of programmatic video ads, and ‘Addressable TV’ ads, which deliver targeted and personalized ads based on TV user interests. Traditionally speaking, OTT was a “secure environment” typically set within the parameters of ‘digital commercial sales’ and championed by larger broadcasters and publishers. However, OTT has evolved over the years. There is a growing number of viral content platforms appearing each day across an ever-expanding app ecosystem. OTT advertising spend continues to grow at a rapid pace Magna projects a 40% jump in 2018 but the fragmented ecosystem has opened the door for frau...