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3 important search engines to leverage for content marketing

December 12, 2017 / Rachel Lindteigen

If you want to up your content marketing game, you need to think about search engine optimization. Columnist Rachel Lindteigen discusses SEO best practices for content marketers.When we talk about search engine optimization, most people think of Google. However, when we think of it from a content marketing perspective, there are three search engines. Content comes in many forms written, audio, image and video  and because of this, we need to think about and optimize for multiple search engines.We all know Google is vital to SEO and content marketing. Every blog post or website page that’s created should be fully optimized so that it’s easier for it to be crawled, indexed and ranked. The easier we make it for Google, the more traffic we hopefully get to the content.Google’s search engine has multiple parts. Are you optimizing for Google Image search? Any image or video you include on your website, in a blog post or on YouTube (video only) can be indexed by Google ...