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Direct Mail Extending Beyond Door Openers, As Marketers Integrate It Into Branding And Engagement Efforts

December 13, 2018 / Elise Schoening

In a digital age where inboxes are inundated and digital ad channels are oversaturated, old-school marketing tactics such as direct mail are becoming a bigger focus for integrated campaigns at all stages of the buyer journey. To break through the clutter of digital channels, B2B marketers at companies such as Jellyvision, Talkdesk, Idio, and PathFactory are reviving direct mail and utilizing it to communicate their brand story in an innovative way, boost marketing impact and drive revenue. “Every B2B marketer does content marketing. Every B2B marketer does email marketing. Every B2B marketer does webinars. [But], not every B2B marketer does direct mail,” said Jenn Kloc, Senior Marketing Manager of Jellyvision, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “And it’s typically easier to ignore an email or not sign up for a webinar than it is to ignore a FedEx envelope that shows up on your desk.”