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Entertaining and Informative: B2C Messaging for B2B Content Strategy

August 24, 2018 / Shannon O'Neill

B2B marketing has traditionally focused on the features (i.e., the logic) of the product, while B2C focuses on the benefits (e.g., “you may not need it but you should want it”). While we tend to think of B2B as formal and serious (think speaking engagements, white papers, and case studies), in reality, B2B companies are just as concerned with building brand awareness and demonstrating benefits for buyers.
Using B2C tactics, which tend to be emotional rather than rational, can lead to a successful B2B content strategy. As Content Standard author Liz Alton points out, a 2016 cross-industry research project with more than 3,000 customers by Gartner revealed that a key theme for brands appealing to B2B customers is “focusing on B2B buyers as individuals and as human beings with emotions.” B2B customers have similar wants, needs, and expectations as B2C customers. After all, we’re all experiencing the same shift in consumption of multimedia content to di...