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Folloze Starts the Account-Based Experience (ABX) Masterclass to Stimulate B2B Companies Growth

July 28, 2020 / Randy Brasche

Folloze today launched the Account-Based Experience (ABX) Masterclass program. This first-of-its-kind program is for B2B sales and marketing teams who want to develop the latest skills to better engage target accounts and fuel long-term growth. The Folloze ABX Masterclass builds upon widely accepted digital and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) concepts and a proven account engagement framework that has been adopted by enterprises. The Folloze ABX Masterclass addresses critical gaps in go-to-market skills, execution, and technology. A recent “State of ABM” study sponsored by Folloze and published by Canam Research identified significant obstacles facing sales and marketing teams when engaging their target accounts. Specifically, 51% of respondents said they struggle to create personalized experiences at the account and vertical level, over 21% don’t create personalized experiences, and over 31% say they must personalize manually.