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GDPR is Good News for Email Marketers – Really

May 12, 2018 / Matt Harris

For some, May 25, 2018, will mark a turning point in their email marketing outreach, for others, an abrupt shift from what was once the Wild West of email marketing. The impetus for these changes — the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — has been heralded in some quarters as an occasion for much hand-wringing. Some have even nicknamed it “GDP-Argh.” But that’s a futile and short-sighted view of the changes GDPR will bring. For one thing, there’s nothing marketers can do about it. You may despise GDPR but failure to comply can carry significant costs that go beyond just fines. For another, and even more importantly, there is a bright side to the EU forcing everyone’s hand — compliance will make your email marketing better. So rather than seeing GDPR as a headache, consider embracing it as a chance to improve customer relationships. Looking at the customer data you collect as your brand’s property, as something you ...