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How Do You Balance Quality and Quantity in Content Marketing?

August 10, 2018 / Brandon Redlinger

The yin-yang is widely recognized as a symbol of duality. It represents how seemingly opposite forces are interconnected, and even complementary. You can find this duality everywhere you look in nature. You can also find this duality persistent in business. In today’s vlog, I’m exploring an age-old marketing dichotomy with James Carbary, founder of Sweet Fish Media. I asked him, “How do you balance quality with quantity in content marketing?” I love his answer because he and his team recognize the importance of the relationship and have found a way to strike the perfect balance between the two seemingly opposing forces. Hey guys, Brandon Redlinger here, director of growth at Engagio, and today’s question is for my good friend, James Carbary. Now, James is the founder of Sweet Fish Media and a content master. So, the question that I have is in content how do you balance quality and quantity?