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How To Do Content Marketing Right

December 04, 2017 / Jeff Korhan

If you are not hearing about content marketing, you should be.If you are, much of it is probably wrong because just like social media, it’s effective use is determined by one’s understanding of it.The difference between social media and content marketing is that content marketing is a practice, just as accounting is a practice. That is, there are conventions that dictate how it should be consistently practiced.Accounting happens to be a regulated business practice, and that gets most businesses doing it right. This is not true with content marketing, and that is why people are free to use it as they wish.There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does get confusing when people represent what they are doing as content marketing when it isn’t because doing anything wrong compromises the expected results.In this episode of Landscape Digital Show, we’ll fix that by showing you how content marketing really works, and how to do it right.You will discover that a bet...