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IDG Agrees To Acquire Triblio, Fusing Martech With B2B Media

June 23, 2020 / Marjorie Romeyn-Sanabria

IDG has agreed to acquire Triblio, in a union that will pair one of the largest B2B media brands around the world with one of the fastest-growing providers of ABM and B2B martech solutions.
In announcing the acquisition, Mohamad Ali, CEO of IDG, pointed to the powerful potential of combining media, data, audience and technology. “I met Triblio within days of joining IDG and could see immediately the power and synergies in having them join us,” Ali said. “By combining Triblio with IDG, we immediately add our global reach and scale, together with premium content and first-party data to accelerate our journey to the next generation of marketing automation.” Ali also predicted that the merger of the top companies would help to usher in a new phase of maretch in B2B. “Together, we are building Marketing Automation 2.0 and continuing the transformation of IDG Communications into a company at the intersection of media and marketing technology.”