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Snapchat extends Nielsen deal so brands can target shoppers based on offline data

July 18, 2018 / Rebecca Stewart

Snapchat has upped the ante on its existing relationship with measurement firm Nielsen, inking a new deal that will allow advertisers using the platform to target customers using the latter's offline purchase data. The pair claim that clients will now be able to purchase inventory across more than 30,0000 segments (such as age, gender and various buying behaviors on different platforms) using data like Nielsen's 'buyer insights' and 'Catalina solutions', which are usually based on offline loyalty card and credit card data. The move brings Snap closer in line with platforms like Twitter and Pinterest.
Having famously denounced overtly "creepy" advertising when it first came to market, Snapchat's latest integration is similar to an Oracle-powered feature it has offered for the past 18 months that lets advertisers target consumers based on real-world purchases. The tie-up will also allow Nielsen's marketing cloud data management platform (D...