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Super Bowl Advertising: Why B2B Brands Are Better Off Investing Elsewhere

January 31, 2018 / Brent Adamson

With the dramatic fracturing of the advertising market, it’s no wonder a 30-second Super Bowl ad sells for more than $5 million. Or that they’re virtually sold out, despite that eye-popping price. There are simply few other opportunities to reach such a target-rich audience at a similar scale.But is that dramatic price tag worth it? Probably not. At least not for B2B brands looking to connect with other companies, rather than directly with consumers. But the reason has nothing to do with the event itself, and everything to do with the way brand works in a B2B buying environment.To be sure, if a company is looking to significantly rebrand or launch a new brand altogether, expensive but expansive outlets like the Super Bowl provide an attractive opportunity to do so. But for most well-established B2B brands, big investments in further brand building are unlikely to drive noticeable benefit to the bottom line.