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Technical Investor Update for ABM Industries Incorporated (ABM)

March 06, 2019 / Scott Martin

Watching the shorter-term MACD oscillator on shares of ABM Industries Incorporated (ABM), we have noted that the signal is currently showing Buy. The MACD is typically used to measure bullish or bearish price movements. The MACD signal direction is currently reading Weakest. Shifting to another short-term indicator review, we note that the current 7-day average directional indicator is Buy. This signal may be used to determine the market trend. The 7-day directional strength is Weak. This trend strength indicator measures the signal based on historical performance where minimum would indicate the weakest, and maximum would represent the strongest. The 7-day average directional direction is currently Strengthening. This signal indicates whether the Buy or Sell signal is getting stronger or weakening, or whether the Hold is leaning towards a Buy or Sell. Successful traders and investors often learn how to develop disciplined strategies. Trading strategies can range from very simple to hi...