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The big ABM action item B2B marketers still have to tackle

November 30, 2019 / Matthew Ramsay

ABM has maintained its position as the biggest buzz phrase in B2B for years now with good reason. The term, coined by ITSMA back in 2004, realigns marketing’s core principles of segmentation, targeting and alignment. The result is that businesses effectively focus their resources on the top percentage of accounts that matter most to them. The adoption of ABM by European organizations is anticipated to increase from 49 percent up to 66 percent in 2020 (2019 State of IT Marketing report by Spiceworks), and the steady incline of its practice will continue to have a meaningful impact on ROI for businesses that implement it properly. More marketers than ever are relying solely on specialist vendors to run and deliver ABM tactics to account lists. But many companies still don’t have a full in-house ABM strategy, despite the demonstrated benefits.